View Full Version : Kerry's Insight on FRINGE, mine on TOUCH

28th March 2012, 00:37
From Kerry's Blog today:

"CAMELOT AND OTHERS LIKE US ARE THE BRIDGE that smooth the way between two opposing forces... the Dark/Secret Cabal/ NWO / Reptilian Overlords and their sleeping minions and the AWAKENED ONES... who are spawned out of our revealing the truth behind the Matrix. We are the avant guarde in a very real sense and those on the dark side on the highest level know that they NEED US to provide the bridge and open the door between the worlds.. because even they know (at least the wiser among them) that their days are numbered and they cannot survive even in BODY without becoming part of the CONVERGENCE....

You might envision a narrow path between two great moving walls coming toward each other head on... eventually the walls will meet and the CLASH OF TITANS will be heard round the world and beyond.

Side Note:

While watching a FRINGE EPISODE detailing the drug they call "cortexiphan" which removes limitations from brain thus changing the way one thinks and therefore changing reality… It occurred to me that this is another way of understanding converging timelines. That is, that what we are experiencing is actually simply the converging of multiple realities revealing our multiple selves. This results in a kind of 360 type peripheral view being nonstop...unlimited creating sense of wholeness.. of completion. Which would result in a kind of transcendence. Because likely, the sum of all our selves is greater than the whole…

This may be the true meaning of ascension."

So also, is a VERY unusual show --- Touch.

I really tried to figure out the point of it. But it definitely is showing viewers that the universe is coded in numbers, which if going to another thread by conec (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?42500-Frequencies-of-colours-and-shapes) is what I've come to understand, especially in the frequency of 528 (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?42500-Frequencies-of-colours-and-shapes.&p=454241&viewfull=1#post454241)