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The One
2nd April 2012, 21:52
My time for now on this forum is over. I have enjoyed every moment from joining on the 14th April 2010.Thank you to everyone who's made this forum what it is

You all know my passion for the U.F.O Phenomena and the extensive research I have done on this topic but its time for me anyway to move on. I feel I can give no more on this topic so i am onto pastures new. I hope for some of you my threads were useful

Some of you have enjoyed my posts and some of you have not. That’s what makes us so special being able to agree to disagree (we are all so very similar yet so very different in our own ways). I love you all. :grouphug:

We all have our own beliefs and remember together we can make a difference.Dont stop searching for what you truly believe in.

This is an excellent forum and i will keep popping in now and then my brothers and sisters but for now goodbye :kiss:

The One aka Malcolm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S mojo my friend please keep doing what you are doing we are nearly there my friend.

2nd April 2012, 21:57
Hi my friend,

You´re part of this forum! Don´t go!

Without you here, who´s going to supply me with my daily dose of UFO videos? ;)



Ps: I hope you´re not mad with me for questioning and occasionally debunking some of the videos you post...Despite some of them being fakes, I consider most of them to be pretty valuable. :)

2nd April 2012, 21:57
The One, i´ll miss your work ... good luck and all the best.

2nd April 2012, 22:02
Where are you going to go? Where else is there?

2nd April 2012, 22:02
Don´t be a stranger ! Will miss your posts too. Take care, and good luck!

2nd April 2012, 22:11
The One, how can you think of leaving us. You bring such a wealth of information to the forum and our minds , so much so, that we would be without a knowing mind to enhance us and make things clearer.

If you choose not to stay then, be well my friend and find your path, safely.


2nd April 2012, 22:16
Thanks for your work Mr. Malcolm

Highly appreciated to the bone

2nd April 2012, 22:25
I enjoyed many of invaluable information obtained in you search for the truth of Man's origin and God source. I will miss your input also, safe journey ONE.

2nd April 2012, 22:29
The One, thanks for all your Tread and Posts, like them very much, you've been a great contributor of information, it was a pleasure to read of your interests.

Best wishes in your coming new venture, all the best to you on your journey.


2nd April 2012, 22:36
P.S mojo my friend please keep doing what you are doing we are nearly there my friend.

You are not resigning are you ? Otherwise you posted in the wrong thread :eyebrows:

But on a serious note ... you WILL be missed. I don't know how you do it but you are THE ONE that inputs a lot of remarkable videos here.

2nd April 2012, 22:40
This place is gonna be lonely without your awesome UFO Videos, and Im not blowing smoke up your arse. I mean it with sincerity bro. Alot of people are moving on lately from here. The pots are gonna be cold and the lights will barely be lit without you. : ( I for one enjoyed all your awesome videos and you know that (The One). Just leave for a lil while, take a break and reconsider posting more of your fantastic finds. Love you Bro

And If you choose to leave your family, Remember "Peace on your Path, Love in Your Heart, And Light On Every Road You Travel In this Wonderful Universe" ~W.F.~



2nd April 2012, 22:53
The One-you will be greatly missed, my best to you!

2nd April 2012, 22:56
All the best - I will certainly miss all the wonderful videos you post.

2nd April 2012, 23:02
Seriously Malcolm, I will miss your input.

Farewell, and may your next sighting be worth a comeback!! Don't close the door


2nd April 2012, 23:05
What the .....? Why are so many people leaving?

2nd April 2012, 23:13
Your absence here Malcolm will be a downer for me. I always enjoyed your posts. I'm sad you are leaving. Please call in from time to time and let us know you are well.


2nd April 2012, 23:45
Thanks Malcolm I have always enjoyed your posts and thoughtfull comments....I don't normally contribute to these posts
as I don't like goodbyes & my motto is to 'see ya later'...So pop in now & then and have fun in the mean time !!


Metallica - One (live)


I'm sure you'll be back so 'see ya later' .. Cheers Steve !!

2nd April 2012, 23:56
Just as we are expecting mass landing, Now you have to go? Can't you wait until after the landings? Please....
Are you leaving to concentrate more on your sight? I wish you the very best and will miss your threads.

3rd April 2012, 00:01
Bummer I always looked forward to your posts.

The Axman

3rd April 2012, 00:23
Bit of telethapy going on. I was going to post the other day, super duper one , hope your not thinking of leaving us, and you went and done it. Frances.

3rd April 2012, 00:30
:grouphug: The One - so much love and gratitude to you!

I've always admired you for the esteem in which you hold the universe and the beings in it. Thank you dearly for all of the knowledge that you've helped propagate. We'll all be looking forward to more, at your leisure of course! :ufo:

"You can take the man from Avalon, but you can't take Avalon from the man."

Always wishing the best to you, bro!


3rd April 2012, 00:40
the one/malcom, enjoyed your threads/vids. don't like to see you go, but you gotta do what you gotta do. so many are leaving avalon, makes me sad. yet at this particular time so many people's lives are so disruptive and ajar. a lot of changes in so many lives that many can't begin to understand. a big metamorphosis is in the atmosphere/vibrations of our world. blessings and good health. please check in and update us once in awhile. namaste, love and peace universally :)

3rd April 2012, 00:56
Best wishes to you Malcolm,

Always appreciated your great UFO posts. So to hear that you are not going to be posting so often. Will look forward to you popping back in every so often.

Lefty Dave
3rd April 2012, 00:56
To The One...Malcolm....thanks for all your contributions .... you have made quite a difference (for me, at least)...and I have gained much insight from your posts and links.

My hope is that you'll re appear when needed most, and, in the meantime...I wish you peace and prosperity. Dave

3rd April 2012, 01:22
It's with a sad heart that I wish you well on your continued journey. I loved to sit and watch your incredible videos. They would either make me laugh or make my eyes open wide. You brought so much to this forum...what a loss for us. I feel bad for the new members who didn't get a chance to know you better, or the other members, that are no longer here. It feels like a family that has gone in different directions and I can pinpoint exactly when that happened.

My love and best wishes to you, "The One", and may you find what you're looking for.


3rd April 2012, 01:36
Thanks for all you have done here. Your contibutions have been significant and you will certainly be missed.

All things have a season ... best wishes to you going forward into these magical, mystical times we are in.


Tane Mahuta
3rd April 2012, 01:36
Malcolm!!...brother, sad to loose another member. Thankyou for your contribution to P.A.

the door is always open. "Live long & prosper" peace!!


3rd April 2012, 01:42
the one.. the departed.. the not forgotten.. and the trooper :)
miss ya mate

3rd April 2012, 01:59
Dear Malcolm,

I will me YOU and your posts terribly. What an asset you are to Avalon and on the roads you travel from here. Please do give us an update once and awhile to let us know how you are doing!

My wish is for nothing but the Best for you Malcolm always. Please Take Care>>>>>Much Love

3rd April 2012, 04:49
Dear The One,
I echoe WhiteFeather's remark, I love you my friend...I will miss you and your most wonderful posts, at least knowing our friendship will always be provides some comfort...best wishes as always...and a big :hug: & come back soon!

3rd April 2012, 04:57
I am so sad to see you go the One, you've teached me a lot and I thank you for that.

Take care my friend :alien:

Love, kerrigan

Dennis Leahy
3rd April 2012, 05:02
Are you are going on an extended trip off-world or into another dimension? Somewhere so far away they don't have Intertubes? Well, then this makes sense. If not, it doesn't.


3rd April 2012, 05:16
Sad to see another farewell posting, and from such a valued member. If you find pastures new, please let us know. Better still pop in here once in a while and say hi. You and your input will be missed.

Ineffable Hitchhiker
3rd April 2012, 05:36
Hey man, you are one of the guys that is the glue to this place. Sad news. You will definitely be missed!
I echo the sentiments of others that have said ´just take a break´, but I guess we all have to follow our own heart and you know what is best for you.
I have learnt so much from you and I thank you for all your input. http://i51.tinypic.com/5vox95.gif
All the best Malcom, as you journey on.

3rd April 2012, 05:42
We'll miss you dude. There be a spot by the campfire for you.

3rd April 2012, 12:17
I am new to Avalon and am still grappling with the mystery of the UFO phenomena so I am regretful that someone who has done so much research on and is so knowledgeable about UFOs is leaving. Go well and take care!

New Dawn
3rd April 2012, 12:20
Thanks for your contributions, another good one leave us! Hopefully see you again somewhere down the road!


John Parslow
3rd April 2012, 20:38
Hello The One or should that be Neo?

Thank you so much for all your brilliant contributions - your name is always the first I look for when surfing Avalon. Your posts have inspired me to do a lot of my own research and I really mean it when I say you will be greatly missed. I understand the need to take a break from Avalon and hope that at some future point you will be back! But for now carpe diem and have a good life.

Best regards. JP :cool:

3rd April 2012, 20:52
There seems to be a few of us who have heard that call to move to other destinations, if our paths cross again in the near future I look forward to greeting my brother in the next dimension, and if not may Father take you by the hand and lead you to that great big Star Ship in the sky.