View Full Version : I Wouldn’t Chastise a Toddler for Trying on New Hats

3rd April 2012, 14:40
I wouldn’t chastise a toddler for her thoughts.
I wouldn’t ridicule or laugh at one whose trying to understand the hidden likeness of wonder.

Can I allow each to grow and question, and be allowed to upgrade thoughts?
Can I acknowledge the one who has the courage to stand up for her thoughts, and all her newly forming thoughts?
Can I respect and honor those with experiences different from mine?

I love the little one who is shear discovery.
I encourage with gentle guidance.

I am trying on new hats.
I embrace the willingness to shake off the ideas that once assured me the security from the unknown.

Evolution of shared ideas, conscious awareness, and Love, that’s my journey. And if it means that I must take action steps rather than reflection in silence, then I say - I am that toddler.

I am that toddler today, and today, and today.


3rd April 2012, 18:35
Beautiful! I walk beside you as a toddler too.:hug: