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6th April 2012, 05:38
I read what Bill Ryan said about his experience with past lives and thought I would post my own.

I don’t know what your beliefs are on reincarnation, but for myself, I have always wondered if my migraines were either hereditary or brought over from a previous life. I say previous because not only do I believe in reincarnation but have experienced it on two separate occasions, and maybe a third as well.

The reason for my thoughts on this was brought about after an experience I had some ten or so years back. It started one night as I sat in meditation. An inner vision opened in seeing a soft brown skin man with shaven head who looked to be a monk. He was dressed in a yellow robe and sitting either in lotus position or cross-legged. (I was an observer witnessing all this from different view points.) As my vision scanned all around him I could see that he was sitting on a steep hill which was vastly covered in little yellow flowers of some sought. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold, as if I was sitting in a movie theatre watching it all on the big screen … though it was as if I was really there in person. At first I thought this monk was making contact with me from the spirit realm, but then I realised this was not the case but something much more profound. As I became the watcher, or rather the “witness” to this unravelling drama taking place, I lost all consciousness and became totally absorbed in it.

Truly I do not know how long I sat in this state. I watched this monk closely and seemed to feel a kinship with him. He had his eye’s closed and I could tell he was in a deep meditative state. His head was slightly tilted back and I could even see the glint of sunlight reflecting off his smooth brown face and head.

His yellow robe covered his entire body including his feet, leaving only his head to be bathed in sunlight. As my vision scanned the landscape from where he sat, all about was nothing but little yellow flowers spread out everywhere in all directions as far as the eye could see.
Only by looking hard would a little green be seen by the covering of flowers. The beauty of this scene put me so at ease I was lost in it. Here I could have remained forever in this perfect state of tranquility. It was as if my consciousness was floating just above this beautiful landscape where it drifted in all directions without any effort of its own. Then all at once and without warning I became aware of a grave concern, or better still, a concern that came to me from the consciousness of the monk. It seemed my consciousness was connected to his somehow.

In great haste the monk raised himself to his feet and ran some distance to where he came to a large wooden double door. This door was huge and very old, it was dark in colour and in some places it was near black, in fact it looked to be part petrified from age.
I never saw what he entered but assumed it to be a temple of some kind, because as my vision followed him inside he fell to his knees before a great gold statue of Buddha.
There he clasped his hands together as if in prayer with head bowed. Then within a few moments he raised himself high up on his knees and clasped his hands in front of his chest. Then he focused his vision hard on the Buddha with half closed eye's.

My heart began to pound and I felt great anxiety rise up within me, and I knew he was experiencing this also. As the monk sat there on raised knees a huge Mongolian man entered and stood directly behind the kneeling monk. He was clad from head to foot in fur clothing and had a snarl expression on his bearded face. Then I saw the eye’s of the monk widen as if in fright of what was to come. This huge Mongolian man very slowly raised a double headed axe as if trying hard to cause great fear within the monk before he brought it down. The monk's gaze never wavered from the golden statue but held firmly to the vision of Buddha, then swiftly the axe came down upon the head of the poor monk.

Just before the axe hit I was jolted out of this experience. I could not shake the feeling that this monk was me in another life. When I saw the monk sitting in meditation my first thoughts was, Tibet. The huge man who took the life of the monk I thought was Chinese, but with some investigation I discovered that long ago Tibet was invaded by the Mongolians. As for my migraines, I had them all my life, so too has my mother in which I took after. Now here is where it gets strange; ever since this experience I have never had another migraine, which now makes me wonder if my headaches were the cause of not hereditary, but due to what happened in a previous life.

And here is another thought, while working on the railway lines back in the early eighties, I was standing on a slight hill looking down talking to the foreman and three other workers, when all of a sudden there was a loud clap of thunder. Those I was looking down at all together put their hands over their heads and bent down fast as if to avoid something. Then that something hit the top of my head (on the crown area) hard and with great force causing my legs to buckle from the impact. The foreman and the others workers were incredibly over excited of what they had just witnessed, they could not stop talking about the lightning they saw come down and strike my head. It was not until the next day around 10:00am that I had to go home due to an enormous headache, concussion I guess.

I am now in my mid fifties, its only through the cutting of my hair in keeping it very short that I have discovered something unusual. On the crown of my head I have numerous markings where one looks very much like a scar caused by an axe. I have (never) had any head injuries in my life, so I have ruled that out. Could it be something brought over from a previous life, (I wonder.) ???

I do though have my (own) thoughts on this, and that’s all they are my thoughts.

Has anyone heard of such things, things visibly carried through from another life.

6th April 2012, 05:45
You know I have visited old San Francisco in my astral travels around 1900 . Now in the life before this one I drown as a kid. I remember going up and seeing people on the shore who couldn't help me. Then I remember going down and the water filling my lungs.....

another bob
6th April 2012, 05:58
Has anyone heard of such things, things visibly carried through from another life.

Hiya Solo, and Welcome to Avalon!

My Mate and I have had innumerable lives together here, and elsewhere, going way back before this civilization. In one life, we were sailors in the 17th Century, and best friends. We were shipwrecked during a storm, and both of us made it to an island. As we were walking down the beach, exploring, a tribe of natives snuck up behind us, and one of them threw a spear, which landed in my back. I died there on the beach, in the arms of my Friend, looking into his eyes. In this current round, I have had a chronic back pain for decades, exactly where the spear entered. I tried many remedies, but got no permanent relief. When I met up with my Mate again, she touched that place right away and instantly soothed it. We belong together.


6th April 2012, 06:02
Incredible. Have you ever been afraid of the water in this life. I say this only because of what some people have said about being scared of water. After they have been hynotised and taken back by a professional, they have learned that their fear was caused by a drowning in a previous life.

Thank you for your reply.

6th April 2012, 06:12
Yes, I can definitely relate to what you have said. I have got to say that it must be the state of our (mind) at the last moment of life in the physical which hangs onto the cause of our death, as well as the pain we undergo. And when we return in a new physical body (reincarnation) we bring back that last moment once again, only untill we solve it altogether. I guess there is a reason for everything.

Thank you - another bob.

6th April 2012, 15:09
I remember my last two lives, got the whole run of each as downloads(childhood to death recalls), one after another at the age of 12-13.

Both play into who I am, in and on multiple levels..today.

That's the way it always is.

It's a grand dance and game of the highest order.

7th April 2012, 05:57
Here is another experience I was given when in India.

This second and more recent past life experience was when I was in India on the 6th June (2010). I remembered sitting in my room meditating when I had a vision of an incredible beautiful colour. This vision opened up in revealing a deep dark purple, a very royal colour it was. I scribbled down in haste of what I received that day after meditation; but only now do I wish that I had paid more attention to the “messenger” and not just the message.
There is no way I could identify or describe to you who this was, as only the colour was given me and not the person in question. When I asked for the name I received … AHVIK.

The following is the message:
He told me that he and I were very close in another lifetime. We were Kashmirian’s and both lived in the Himalayan hills.
He told me to try harder in my spiritual practices. He also said I had gained much spiritual knowledge in my last life; try to bring it into fruition in this life (he said). Its all there but must be worked on.
That is all I wrote in my diary that day. I cannot remember if anything else was said. So now I just this minute googled the name AHVIK to see what comes up. It seems my pronunciation of his name is wrong, there is no H. Below is what I googled.

Name: Avik
Gender: Masculine
Location: India
Language: Indian (Sanskrit)
Thematic: Unknown Thematic
Meaning: The one who doesn't fear.

Just another experience I thought I would mention.

17th April 2012, 01:14
I received a download once proclaiming that I was a humanoid incarnation of Odin (who is Gandalf), as well as my first mentor who had passed away earlier that year. During a different download I was shown to be Quoetzalcoatl (sp?) in the form of a water dragon. I also believe I was Joan of Arc in a past incarnation. I suspect deeply that I was quite involved with things in Atlantean times as well.

I have held the notion of selves splitting into pieces and mixing with each other between incarnations since I was very young. I've only heard one other person talk about this, so I don't know if we stay intact or not.

This would be a rare case where the ego is actually preventing me from externally believing in this level of grandeur.