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9th April 2012, 03:41
What is about me, that life seems to not understand
My passion to be unique, or my reason to remain aloof?
What is about me, that society seems to shun
My desire to debunk all the conditions and myths we were taught as kids?
What is about me, that the population in general runs away from
My self-exploring behavior, or my desire to understand the purposeless purpose in this mythical existence?
What is about me, that nettles you
My stand on what seems to be my natural rights, or my opinion about this egotistical society that is high on cocaine-driven-fantasy we conceptualize as life?
What is about me, that you cannot stand to see my reflection on your mirror
My wish to express the "truth", or my contradicting, shallow, wishy-washy double-life that mirrors yours?

So, why not talk to me, express yourself through a few good words and deeds.
So, why not explain to me that your freedom of speech is more valuable than my version of reality.
So, why not justify that the right of a sovereign has less worth to you than a controlled group.
So, why not look me into the eye and rationalize your vilified and vulgar words that seem to drive an edge amongst all.
So, why not simply state your opinion, that we as human beings are scared of feeling the most pure form of all-Love.
Hatred, control, ego, manipulation, anger, and a bunch of people willing to swallow the lies.
I am neither your puppet, nor do I follow this so called culture that embodies nothing but egotism, narcissism and, materialism
Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are encouraged, but the only substance that alleviates the pain is nipped in the bud in the so called "House of Representatives".
My lies, my truths, my fears, my hopes, my ego, my vanity, my indecisive behaviors- a way into my inner-self.
Surely, an unruly package, but what I am is my most honest expression of my confused soul.
Yet, we as individuals are taught to believe that self-expression and self-exploration is a self-purported fallacy.
Our distinct characteristics are sold to the highest bidders in return for a glorified but a borrowed life
Wherein people are falling victim to extortion and lies, but in the large scheme, the only thing that seems to matter less and less is our invaluable life
Once again, a group of intellectual and conscious souls are told not to vocalize their frank sentiments.
That is why I neither believe nor I do have faith in this so called society, whose purpose is to conquer our independent minds and divide our united souls.

Mike Gorman
9th April 2012, 04:29
Covers a lot of ground,I like the structured way you went about articulating the 'lists' of conditions. Seems you are really
'nailing your Flag to the mast'. The object of your address is clearly our Civilization, and 'culture'. As a personal 'manifesto' it works
pretty well. There that is my 'feedback'.

9th April 2012, 06:44
You are talking the difference between sui generis Beings and droids.

I'm interested in what you are crafting in response to the noise- where is your path calling you?