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28th July 2010, 18:03
You too can be a Fascist Luciferian Gangster... Join here:

But remember Lucifer is the DECEIVER so nothing they say is likely to be true.

http://www.fotothing.com/photos/279/279eacce1989e9106c14cbb4079e1406.jpg (http://www.youtube.com/)

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illuminai secrets...
Who We Are page

What We Offer page

Member Benefits page

sorry for the plug but based on your subscriptions I thought you would like this info. Some rogue members of various secret societies, that dont agree with the NWO, have been able to break away and created the Global Information Network to share their knowledge with the public. Heres some links and a video about the GIN.Understand, you can only join by invitation.

invitation code: summersent

Affiliate Program page

http://www.fotothing.com/photos/67d/67dbd80cc76e67978a5db378f6443c3d.jpg (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it3IOj4ZtIY&feature=email)
The Global Information Network Membership Program (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it3IOj4ZtIY&feature=email)
http://www.globalinformationnetwork.com/?AffiliateCode=1509220 The first benefit that members receive is access to information that is shared by members to members exclusively. This information is available on the GIN website in the form of audios, videos, and written material. This information in also available in live events, seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, summits, meetings, and special briefings put on all around the world. All information on the website and all events are completely free of charge to members. The subjects covered include: * How to make money and create wealth. * How to invest and trade in equities, commodities, and currencies. * How to invest in real estate. * Asset protection, setting up trusts, foundations, and corporate structures. * Raising money, getting credit, financing and venture capital or investors for business ventures. * Opening offshore bank accounts. * Getting a second passport. * Living abroad. * Buying and investing in gold and silv... more (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it3IOj4ZtIY&feature=email)
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28th July 2010, 23:09
Did you join?

29th July 2010, 03:20
Did you join?

Did you invite me to join?

29th July 2010, 03:28
Do you ever get those emails from Nigerian Bankers needing a third party? How can anyone verify that anything they receive these days is anything other than a scam? As far as I know this is nothing more than a sophisticated Nigerian Banker with a web page and a YouTube account.


29th July 2010, 03:42
This site is part of Kevin Trudeau business but don't judge so quickly. It would be great if some one who is a member could some share information.

29th July 2010, 03:48
Ok, well I am sorry, but I wasnt being serious.

I dont get scam emails these days, but when I was in the UK it had some really hilarious ones.


29th July 2010, 05:46
Re: Joun the NWO (illuminai secrets...)

Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
Did you join?
thinker: Did you invite me to join?

thinker, why did you put that question to john?

29th July 2010, 06:12
thinker, why did you put that question to john?

I figured we have both missed a point or two. I should stick to being serious - it is safer :)

29th July 2010, 06:30
thinker, why did you put that question to john?

John asked Thinker if Thinker joined. (It's a secret club. He's not supposed to know or ask.)
Thinker asked John if John invited Thinker to join. (Thinker does not know who invited Thinker to join. It's a secret club.)

It's a big joke... (Don't ask don't tell.)

Secrecy and deception are a fool’s game. Be a fool if you want, but leave me out of it.


29th July 2010, 07:14
I thought it had something to do with Kevin Trudeau. Mostly due to the reference to 'the Brotherhood'. Anybody else using this term, usually means it in a more general sense, whereas Kevin uses it as the actual name of a society so secret that nobody has ever heard about it...
He claims to have been a member of 'da brotherhood', but that he left for ethical reasons.
Cloud9, how do you know this site is his?

I liked Kevin's 'Mega Memory', but I tried listening to 'your wish is your command' where he claims to unveil a lot of super secret knowledge. Half way through I still hadn't heard anything. The whole thing did feel like a scam interlaced with NLP suggestions to buy his CD's and listen to them over and over and over and over again.
It sounded kind of desperate.

I skimmed this site. It has a lot of content, but once again, it seems to hold no real substance.


29th July 2010, 14:03
Just google kevintrueauwealth.com, is just one of several sites where he offers a program, you know, the CDs and book, for getting rich. It's kind of a MLM, well, actually it is, you join under somebody who invited you and you invite others.

I did some research months ago and I just could find a few testomonies that go for the very thankful to the very angry (they hate the guy with a passion). For those who have found a way more make money is good, for the rest and no believers is a scam.

I personally don't think Trudeau is a bad person, I belive he wants to help people but he is a business minded person and he is very money oriented.

I've heard one o 2 interviews of him where I could see very clear where he's coming from, the way he relates with the elite, where, how, etc., and it seemed very obvious he knows this people and they know what he is doing but for them is like a game, they are not really worried because somebody is saying this or that.

That's why sometimes I wonder when some people here and in other places say that the elite is scared to death of the people.... I don't believe it.

29th July 2010, 16:28
The only secret brotherhood I have heard of is the "Brotherhood of Death".

Skull and Bones (George W. sees god in the eyes of the Pope)

Nazi SS (Hitler and Mussolini were good Catholics)

Pirates aka Privateers (Are an invention of Roman Cannon Law)

Jesuits (Are an Order of the Catholic Church)
http://www.godlikeproductions.com/sm/custom/lemosihi.jpeg (http://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=1118)

Adam Weishaupt (Originator of the Illuminati and defrocked Jesuit)

Does it seem odd that all the secret stuff always leads back to the Vatican?

30th July 2010, 20:01
Thanks cloud9. I should have done that bit of research myself...
I agree. I don't think Kevin is evil. But I am no longer sure he wants to help people, more than he wants to make money. Especially this 'Your wish is your command' release seems very much geared towards people getting to buy his cd's, rather than to provide them with the valuable and most secret information, like he promised.
Though once again, I did very much enjoy Mega Memory

I looked for "the Brotherhood" and there are many. A Christian group, a motorcycle group, you name it. But none that I could find seems to be the 'real' brotherhood that our friend Kevin T. is referring to.
Do we think this society actually exists?


30th July 2010, 20:23
The endless search for THE secret society actually controlling all the secret societies, controlling everything, never fails to amaze me.

None of these people actually control anything.

The most powerful "secret" society, the one that actually controls everything, is the family of man.
98% of them don't think of themselves in those terms, or are frightened into thinking it's not enough.
1% spend their time ascribing power to this & that'n winning themselves a trip down the rabbit hole.
1/2% Wonder why this keeps working.
1/2% Wonder what's on TV this afternoon.

Me? I'm paid to mingle ;)

30th July 2010, 20:36
Hi Fred.
I do not think this was the search for the ultimate secret society. It went more to the question of Kevin Trudeau's integrity. I personally think he made up 'the Brotherhood', to make his story more believable or interesting. I was wondering what other contributors were thinking on this subject and whether anybody actually found anything on this group.

Nice breakdown of the family of man.


30th July 2010, 20:53
Hi Elixir;
Sadly I don't know a thing about Kevin Trudeau.

So I was left with my usual complaint. I think going through the AV archives, and compiling a list the societies which have been "found out" to be that one behind the one, behind them all, would probably take a year, and fill pages.
I guess I'm on information overload.

30th July 2010, 21:08
I guess I'm on information overload.

Aren't we all?! ;)

30th July 2010, 21:30
This whole thing is simply disgusting. Money, money, power, more money and more power, luxuries, security and power again. Exactly the kind of behavior, attitude, consciousness we need to get rid of.

Worse is to corrupt the Universal Laws into lowering it to attract all these selfish attributes.

Namaste, Steven