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19th April 2012, 19:57
Good evening all,

i was wondering if any of you knew of retreats/events in the uk or possibly western europe that hosted ayahuasca ceromonies etc.

I am very interested in trying Ayahuasca for my own self as i believe i am ready for the experience, i would just prefer to do it with people who have done it before rather than try and make it for myself...

Thanks :)

19th April 2012, 20:19
i dont know if this is possible in europe because its illegal, but i would suggest u to be in company of a shaman when you take the journey of ayahuasca, for this coin of deep spiritual experience the advice of a shaman is the best you can get.

Tarka the Duck
19th April 2012, 20:24
I think you might have a problem there, Markenty...:

"On August 8th 2011, a man conducting ayahuasca ceremonies in the UK was found guilty at Bristol Crown Court of producing and supplying class A drugs. Englishman Peter Aziz advertised himself as: “a fully initiated Shaman of 35 years training. He has a log [sic] record of healing incurable illnesses, and producing fantastic breakthroughs in personal growth… He works under possession by Kali, and… (h)is healing ceremonies are often accompanied by spontaneous manifestations of gifts from the spirit world.”

19th April 2012, 20:45
Hi both, thanks for your replies.

I have thought about travelling to south america to experience the plant, maybe this is the best option for me.

Tarka, i have just read about it being illegal now, didnt realise it was... such a shame :(

19th April 2012, 21:11
After hearing Graham Hancock I'm very tempted and ready to join you. let me know if you find anywhere in the UK..

19th April 2012, 21:15
i will do kersley - i have scoured google for the last hour, i found a place in gloucester where a couple invite you to there house for the weekend for £130 which i thought was good, i called them and they said they couldnt do this anymore as it was now illegal in the UK.. i was gutted, i am still searching though so i will let you know if i find anything :)

19th April 2012, 21:45
It is not illegal to buy the ingredients however, there are uk sellers (to avoid customs) on ebay.

There is plenty of info out there on preparation such as eowid not that I would endorse such a thing and certainly not prepare it myself and consume it of course!!!!!!

Be extra careful with the ammount of DMT you add, you want a gentle journey and the different types of bark denote different types of journey, red bark is good for beginners, oh and enjoy the purge, not pleasant but very beneficial.

Lastly, purify the vicinity with desert sage, you will be open spiritually so you want protection.

Best of luck with your academic research.



19th April 2012, 21:50
Thanks for the reply mark, i have had a look into making my own "brew" i even bought the ingredients last year (Banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca vine) & cabrerana (chaliponga) ) but i dont feel confident doing it for myself, would much rather be with someone who has experience to be honest :)

19th April 2012, 22:03
Thats how "my friend" felt but he did his research well and started with a safe amount and even though he felt afraid he decided that by applying common sense and taking a leap of faith in trusting spirit and indeed the spirit of the vine he would be ok.

As it happened, he did come out ok and he met the spirit of the vine, and she gave him the friendliest smile he has ever felt because she was in him and knew he was of pure heart and respect for the earth :-)

19th April 2012, 22:18
You're close to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and its ok there. There are a number of groups who sponsor shamans from South America to come and conduct ceremonies.

19th April 2012, 22:20
As with any of the plant medicines.. a very serious undertaking and a noble one when done with good intentions.
All my best Mark..

19th April 2012, 22:23
mmmm, your tempting me now - i will start more research into making my own, and if i feel right, then i will go for it - Thanks for the inspiration :)

¤=[Post Update]=¤

Hi Soul, i feel i am ready for it, the past 2 weeks thats all that has popped into my mind, last year when i bought my own ingredients, i wasnt ready, i feel i am now :)

¤=[Post Update]=¤

You're close to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and its ok there. There are a number of groups who sponsor shamans from South America to come and conduct ceremonies.

Hi jill, i have tried to look for places in holland, but so far havent come across anything :( i will keep searching though :)