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20th April 2012, 06:32
I am new here -- Hello! In the introductory materials provided, Bill provided his sentiments on channeling and the cautions with channeled information. i understand this perspective. I also have another perspective I'd like to offer in this forum.

Many believe that channeled information is subject to buggers and stinkers who can try and trick you. My sense is that fact-based data and statistics is also subject to buggers and stinkers who can try and trick you (just review any pharmaceutical research for evidence of this). Don't get me wrong, i love mathematics and Statistics and Econometrics were some of my favorite courses in undergrad.

Some believe that channeled information is not real nor tangible enough to be taken seriously. Well, given the parallel realities that are continuously growing and expanding in this unique time phase, I would discern that even what had been considered "real and tangible" need not be taken too seriously; how we perceive and receive from the world around us is entirely affected by our own energetic field and our chosen operating frequency.

I admit I'm sensitive to this subject as most of my information and awareness since my multidimensional experiencing began is received from my higher/inner sensory awareness. Some would call this channeling. I have come to know it as my team in the higher realms which includes my "Higher Self." To me they are not foreign or separate from me; they are another aspect of me, within my broader multidimensional energy field. Like an American Express card, I don't leave home without it. I sense this is true for all of us. We've simply become so good at turning off the inner knowings that those inner dimensional energetic pipelines to the higher vibrational realities become forgotten and dusty without regular use (no judgment here, as this is standard protocol for any Dark Age).

We all have knowings; knowings and intuition from with-In. We can re-program ourselves to tap into this. I call it Soul Wisdom and many, some would say all of us embodied at this time have a lot of it (Soul Wisdom). We don't need to re-learn everything we know as an infinite Soul. That game would be oh so boring and tedious. We simply need to re-member what we've already learned as an infinite Be-ing and go from there... This protocol is standard for any enlightenment age which is where we are headed in our cycles.

How do we do this? How do we re-member?

Do we go to the library? Do we go online? Do we run out and by so and so's latest book or watch their latest video? Research, we need lots and lots of research and data and proof, tangible proof, right? No. This assumes you are an empty vessel, a blank slate with nothing to start with and you need to fill yourself up with external info. Do you really believe that? That had been my truth. And then I started experiencing things that defied that principle. It happened more and more and more. I knew things I "shouldn't" know. I saw my young children knowing things they "shouldn't" know. Look around. Consider yourself. This knowing is happening all over the place, more and more. Synchronicities becoming more the norm... By Design. For how long will we deny this and pretend it isn't real, continuing to not trust and not consider "real" what we just know?

We don't go outside our energy field to access our unique Soul Wisdom nor the collective Wisdom and knowings we have access to. That is an inside job. The five senses are directed external to our energy field to survey and assess the effects of how we are operating at our chosen frequency. To access our Soul Wisdom and collective multidimensional wisdom we have to go with-In. Discovering treasure chests of wisdom and experiences and knowings and codes and images and galactic languages in the process.

Scary? That is up to you. To me, the evening news and someone else's version of the "truth" is a lot more scary. Fear is rampant, even in enlightenment communities and full disclosure groups. I'm not proposing we believe everything we obtain, whether it is from our external senses or our internal senses. It's about beginning to recall our vast abilities to communicate and experience ourselves/ourSelves to access our multidimensionality.

Bob Dean has discussed Divine Blueprints... Some of us have access to those. Some of us are aware that it is many of us who helped create them. My inner knowing, which is often funny, is telling me right now, "The architects are on site for much of a project's construction :-)"

How do we think we get that recall of such things as Divine Blueprints (the overarching plans that affect a galaxy, the plans that affect a solar system, the plans that affect Earth, the plans that affect humanity, the plans that affect you and your journey)? The newspaper? Someone's "research"? These plans are coded within you. Can you hear me, with your inner knowing, on this? You would have never left home without being encoded with your plans. How are you going to get access to those if the only thing that is real to you is experienced through your outward directed, human-oriented, third dimensional sensory awareness system, seriously?

For me, the evolutionary jump many of us sense is happening includes, very much, the re-membering and accessing and experiencing and utilizing our higher/inner sensory awareness. If we're going to throw all that out as susceptible to negative influences then we will halt our evolutionary progress, continuing this Dark Age for much longer than it is scheduled to be transitioned out...

Everything is susceptible to negative influences, and we are mature enough to manage and discern those possibilities.

We're bigger than just a five senses approach to experiencing these realities aren't we? We can evolve out of just a see it, smell it, hear it, taste it, touch it, ok now it's real way of experiencing ourselves can't we? Seriously, we Are SO much bigger than that. We simply forgot. I feel it's time to Re-Member. It's Time.

Feeling a little fiesty tonight on this subject but that felt good.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate your open-ness if you've gotten this far. I mean no ill will and feel honor and reverence for the many ways we are offered to experience ourselves on Earth at this unique time. I have opened my reality to a whole new experience that for me feels like a huge doorway for humanity to evolve. And I do become excited about offering that doorway for others to consider as well.

Namaste, love and blessings,

P.S. Re-membering and experiencing my higher/inner sensory awareness system was new to me, too. I was "activated for service" in 2009 at the age of 39. I have an MBA, undergraduate degrees in business, considered Ayn Rand my hero and had created a very successful career in business. blah blah blah... I left my successful corporate career in May 2011 because what I know now, integrating my higher/inner sensory awareness into my human reality, is simply too amazing and I see the profound opportunity being offered to us right now to liberate humanity from the Dark Ages, starting with ourselves.

P.S.S. apologies in advance if there are any typos. It is quite late and I am a "good enough" sort of person at this stage of the evening, hoping you can easily feel through what is being shared and get the gist of the underlying energies being offered.

20th April 2012, 07:18
Congratulations on your excellent post. I agree with what you have written and understand your excitement at contact with your deeper Self. It's an amazing journey and once experienced cannot be dismissed by the surface self.

20th April 2012, 09:19
Very well said,
I am about the same age and my awakening was quite profound as well. Learning to trust the "Higher Self" is a process. One that more and more people that were closed to such ideas are now reading, talking and meditating about. Just the act of reading and pondering these issues raises our consciousness and vibratory state of being. I appreciate your post as it highlighted much of how I feel and how I have to remember that each of us is on our own journey at our own pace. I often would get frustrated that friends or family were not evolving spiritually and would get discouraged when their eyes would glass over when I would talk about such lofty topics.

They did notice a difference in me and began to ask questions later on, so leading by example is the way to go. My 8 year old daughter is an INFJ personality type as I am (Google Your Personality Type)... she is already years ahead of where I was at her age. She trusts her intuition and I nurture it as much as possible. I struggle watching my Wife being so stuck in 3D thinking and materialism.

I am interested to see how this thread/posting develops over the days to come and how others react, or share their stories and views. They say "May you live in Interesting Times" was a tongue and cheek insult when it was used originally in the east. However I am proud to be living in the time of this paradigm shift... these truly are Interesting Times. The birth pains are going to be more than many can bare... at least to those who stopped evolving emotionally and spiritually at a certain point. We all know people like that. They are essentially the exact same people that they were a decade or more when you first observed them.

Now you have evolved and are evolving and are ready for this shift. It will still be painful but it will hit those who have not strived to evolve so hard they may not survive it and be sane. Those of us who have grown and into this "Re-Knowledge" have a responsibility to them. Many of them are people we love dearly that just do not get us or where we are coming from. They shake their heads at us thinking our heads are in the clouds and we are trying to escape "The REAL World". How fortunate is it for us that it is just the opposite.

Knowing we are multi dimensional beings anchored and connected to so many different vibratory levels of the multiverse and having spent the time to reconnect with those aspects of our being places us in a "Eccentric" category for most. But the time is coming, very soon... the time when the planet and the fabric of Space/Time that our 3D sense of self is going to be exposed to all. Thinking we are prepared for it is still going to blow our minds... imagine how those who have let their connection to their Higher Selves atrophy are going to react... Interesting times indeed. Thank you for the post. Very thought provoking.