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Fundy Gemini
25th April 2012, 02:57
So - while checking around to see if the MiniCat is available yet in Canada ( http://www.gaadi.com/Tata-MiniCat ) I stumbled upon a cool new innovative company which is gearing up to go mainstream.

Check out Plastic2Oil
Converting Waste Plastic to Ultra-Clean, Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel



ps/ for any Canadians wondering whether I found a MiniCat dealer - seems we'll be starting off with this:

25th April 2012, 04:31
Fundy... Thank you, thank you for posting this. The plastic/oil thing is a minor victory, true, in a technical sense. I had read something about that about 5 years ago and occasionally I'd wondered what had happened to the guys who figured it out. But at base there is still something terribly wrong with the use of petroleum at all. I just heard Dr. Corsi on Coast to Coast going on and on about abiotic oil and how there is so much oil and how good it is for the planet. But really it doesn't matter how much oil there is, petroleum chemistry is basically incompatible with life -- burn any petroleum in any form and the fumes will kill you or you'll end up with brain damage. Every product made from petroleum, including all plastics, has similar deadly properties. You know, just pour some gasoline on your plants and see how great it works. SO...

Ever since I first heard of the Tata, I said YES, I want one! But I live in the US which is like a giant slug dragging its slime-trail through the world. I've written many letters to my "representatives" asking them to encourage the import or building of the Tata in the US but I have not heard that it will be ALLOWED here, although the Tata is sold in many places in the world. I recall hearing interviews with US entrepreneurs at least 10 years ago who said that whatever "safety" concerns the US had with the Tata were no problem, they could all be solved. But still, no Tata. It's clearly not about SAFETY. Now I wonder... maybe if they are built in Canada I can just go there and buy one and drive it home? That would be extremely cool, assuming we're all still here by the time the Canadians actually build it that is.

I like these small hopeful signs. Maybe someday we'll actually get on the right path. Thank you for posting this news!

All the best,
~ Doodah