View Full Version : Is Atlantis real? any real, solid proof?

27th April 2012, 00:32
I have been wondering about this lately..

Many have talked about Atlantis, some said that it's real, and some said that it's just an invented myth (by Plato).
So, what do you all think?
Is Atlantis real?
if it's indeed very real, then is there any real, solid, concrete proofs? (as to provide to many of my skeptic, and 'realistic', 'worldly' friends).

And also another thing that I'm curious to know is:
If it's indeed really real, then was the Atlantis people lived after, on, or before the Dinosaurs era?
What is the ultimate connection between Atlantis and the pre-historic secular history that we've been taught about?


27th April 2012, 13:37
Three enjoyable documentaries (first three on the list) that explore your question...


27th April 2012, 14:45
Interesting book to read on the topic

28th April 2012, 01:13
What happened to the rest of this topic?
When I replied yesterday it was 2 pages long--- it's shrunk!

28th April 2012, 01:14
Second posting of the same thread, the other is in the General Forum