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30th July 2010, 18:18
If this was brought up before and discussed my apologies - I did a search and it didn't come up. I think it is a very interesting topic to cover as to the reasons of WHY do we do what we do... :)

So after reading up on Jim Sparks experience and some of the experiences of others. I had to question - why did people who were abducted, forced and taken against their will. Not question the lack of consent. Were terrified yet sympathized with the very technologically advance captors - and would begin to rationalize the whole traumatic experience.

Then I remembered reading up on the Stockholm syndrome.

I have found some very interesting correlation's to - kidnapping by human's and kidnapping by ET's - the really interesting thing is though the psyche of the abductee initially relies on the faith in the ability to be rescued by someone in authority. When that does not happen (when the abductee finds out they won't be - the government actually knows) - survival instinct sets in (this happens in the oldest area of the brain interesting referred to as the reptilian brain) and the victim beings then, against all logic (in the neo-cortex - the newer part of the brain) to side with the captors...

Here are just two links - I am sure there are a lot others! :)

"In the final analysis, emotionally bonding with an abuser is actually a strategy for survival for victims of abuse and intimidation."


The FBI also did a study....
http://www.fbi.gov/publications/leb/2007/july2007/july2007leb.htm#page10 (about in the middle of the page)

Any thoughts on this? Totally makes sense to me - But for me at the very basic level - If God gave us the freedom of freewill - all else that tries to take that away for any reason is about control. I also believe if the planet had too many people - by the laws of nature we would stop have babies. Nature never fails to move back to being in balance.


30th July 2010, 18:22
Renee, so weird you bring up stockholm syndrome, I was just talking about it last night. Though relating it to something else. Just thought it was interesting you bring up the topic.

30th July 2010, 21:15
hmm that is very cool I wonder how many other's are thinking about this too?

Because I having been pondering 'what the hell is wrong with this picture' for sometime... Especially when you have people that are really genuine and sincere - but obviously traumatized - using words like 'forced' yet become totally compliant to the will of the ET's. They gain 'saviour' and our only hope - like status. For some that is. :) It just didn't make sense to me. Especially with the USA founded on the principles of Life Liberty and Freedom for all...we (Canada) weren't but we completely expect to be able to live it. There is this huge disconnect here that is troubling to see.

This morning I started remembering that there was a psychological component to this type of behavior and then I remembered the Patty Hearst story.

So - were taking about Patty Hearst ? :)

30th July 2010, 21:28
You're gonna laugh, but I was talking about the reality show Big Brother. We were talking about a player from the past season that won it. Funny thing about the guy is he was completely abusive to all the other housemates and you'd think they would have voted him off every week. They never did and he won, I just thought it was so insane that basically everyone in the house had stockholm syndrome.

30th July 2010, 22:00
lol yes your right that is really funny the source that is. The fact that it happened though was very indicative of the condition of our society as well. The bullies are winning. For now that it is - for as they say this too shall pass. :)

I was just thinking too - how it is predicated that 'the meek shall inherit the earth'. Personally, I only think that will happen if all the 'meek' once an for all finally stand up for themselves - and stop letting the bullies push them around.

3rd May 2017, 03:03
WTF shaking hand syndrome

The Freedom Train
3rd May 2017, 04:22
Atlas is this video you? Perhaps this has to do with some kind of energetic influence?

I have a friend who has been dealing with severe neurological physical manifestations including tremors for several years now, and is seriously struggling, has tried everything. He has MS type symptoms, but with other symptoms as well. I definitely have the feeling there is a strong psychotronic targeting factor going on here, although I cannot be certain of course because how would I go about proving that right? And how convenient as well for that reason, but still, it does seem to be to be very likely that those who are waking up, my friend being one of them, are being especially targeted, resulting in a myriad of conditions like autoimmune issues, fibromyalgia, MS, autism, Lyme, etc etc. Essentially and in my opinion, there is likely a pleomorphic underlying vector that is triggered when the time is right and wreaks havoc in a persons body in whatever unique ways that particular body and set of genetics have of dealing with dis-ease, and depending on any genetic weaknesses.

So anyhow that's my two cents for what it's worth on the video.

As for the Stockholm theory wow, it reminds me of one of the rounds of energetic attacks I suffered through last summer. I remember praying to Jesus for hours and begging source or whatever higher spiritual authority was out there to save and protect me. That didn't do anything. And I kind of went into shock for a while. Then I eventually came around to feel that it was important for me to have compassion for whatever it was that was attacking me, and to send it love. As soon as I did that, it stopped. So there's another paper bag of wet mice to contemplate!