View Full Version : Really disturbing nightmare tonight?

27th April 2012, 17:22
I was wondering if anyone had a more than normal disturbing nightmare tonight? I don't usually read into my nightmares but I called my my mom just out of curiosity to check if she had dreamt anything special and she had. Both our dreams included /related to blood(not trying to fear monguer here ) , ill intented people and an earthquake.

Fred Steeves
27th April 2012, 17:37
No, not last night. Last night I was hanging out with David Icke in some strange city. Very odd that. But, I have been having some rather violent and disturbing dreams from time to time recently. Very low vibrational stuff. If they were a movie, I certainly wouldn't take a kid to see them. Even my wife goes:"Oh god Fred, that's aweful!"(LOL)


27th April 2012, 18:16
Nothing bad, my dreams are VERY boring, at least most of the ones I've been remembering lately, a couple times I wake up with the "feeling" I dreamed something amazing but I can not recall what...

Earth Angel
27th April 2012, 18:34
my kids are having terrible dreams (adult kids).......one about a FEMA camp but not run by people but aliens who could move people around by waving their hands and they'd just be gone......she said it felt so real it really freaked her out...also people just seemed to accept that this is the way it was and she couldn't understand why.....she has a lot of FEMA camp dreams.........we live in Canada, do we even have them ?? not sure, but I bet there is an evil equivalent somewhere here!

27th April 2012, 18:46
Last night I was dreaming I was on some kind of military mission in a wasteland future with a female partner. I only remember the very end but we were navigating this improvised mine-field near a home and setting a few extra booby-traps along the way to foil a pursuing special forces operative. The odd thing was that outside of the mines we ran into a camouflaged taser turret. I remember it shocking me and laughing because it just tingled slightly and I knew it should've hurt like hell and disabled me. (In fact, since I grew up I've only ever felt pain once in a dream. Usually I get assaulted by all sorts of monsters or weapons, I just laugh and break anyone or anything that attacks me.)

Laura Elina
27th April 2012, 18:58
Well, the dreams I have nightly ppl would probably call nightmares, but what was disturbing to me this time was that I had the same dream 3 different times the same night, it was the same elements in each time, but some minor details were a bit different... (Each time I was one a bus and it ended up the bus getting into a bad accident) I never have that, a dream playing in a loop, it was strange.

27th April 2012, 19:22