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Bill Ryan
30th July 2010, 18:18
Dear All,

I was asked to post this message, written by Miriam Delicado, by Kerry on her behalf. Miriam is very close to her sister Juliana who has suddenly fallen suddenly seriously ill while traveling with her young daughter in Europe.


PLEASE Send healing to Juliana, Miriam Delicado's sister who is traveling in Europe.

She has been taken ill suddenly with very drastic symptoms.

Allow her body fever to go down, her blood to flow normally and her inner organs to be in balance.

Allow all her body to be in normal flow and balance NOW.

Send your guides, healers and blessings to her and her fragile young daughter whom she is traveling with.

Allow for her safety and remove any dark energies that may be around her.

Surround Juliana, Miriam Delicado's sister to be healed and protected in this moment.

Give all gratitude back in this moment as it is urgent that this be done in this moment and continues until we hear that she is healed.

WE can do this..... I ask from my heart for your help. From my heart, from my soul, from my being I send you back blessings.

Love and gratitude, Miriam


From Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

30th July 2010, 18:34
Totally on it....

30th July 2010, 18:45
I got that it is possibly food poisoning <?>
Garlic, charcoal capsules, acidophilus, real sauerkraut - kefir all will help.

But I will still be doing calls for her help. Food poisoning can be 8 hrs or last for days.


30th July 2010, 20:38
She and her daughter are in my thoughts, Bill.

30th July 2010, 21:04
Much Healing Light!

30th July 2010, 21:05
Be blessed dear Earth's child. She's in our heart and soul for balance and harmony, spiritually as physically.

Namaste, Steven

30th July 2010, 21:35
I see her at home soon, well and with her family.

30th July 2010, 21:40
Ok Sooo - I typed a reply and then hit send, but just on my computer, not my husbands, as I sent the email my computer lost the internet access and of course the email.

With that I will assume that I need to restate something - don't know.

Anyways while during my calls for healing and then meditation I saw that she was not alone, and was been helped.
That it had to do with something she drank and that it was not intended initially to be something malicious - but that there might have been something more opportunistic in nature.

There are a few more details - but I would prefer for her privacy not to mention it in the forum.

All the best

30th July 2010, 23:50
Could be bad moskyto bite, she should check herself for that, I've heard of some uncommon fevers occurring recently especially at coast.
Or an infection she'd get anyway. Do they have travel insurance covered ?

I'm sure they will be back home allright..


31st July 2010, 00:27
I will visualize her healing.

East Sun
31st July 2010, 00:42
Best intentions for her recovery soon.
There is a forum called 'The Intention Experiment' and a book by the same name written by Lynne McTaggert that is interesting. It concerns the intentions of groups of people in different parts of the world for the healing of someone in dire need of healing. Some scientists have taken part in this intention experiment with promising results. The process goes on.
But, my intentions go out for her total recovery.

31st July 2010, 00:55
Sending healing energies her way.

31st July 2010, 01:00
My intentions are for Juliana's full and complete recovery and I will keep her in my prayers and meditations. My intentions are also extended to her child and Miriam's entire family as they gather to uphold Juliana.

31st July 2010, 01:31
Come on Girls..... HOLD TIGHT!

Lost Soul
1st August 2010, 15:06
Count me in.

John Parslow
1st August 2010, 17:06
I'll send all the love and energy I can muster. Love and peace. JP :cool:

1st August 2010, 19:35
concider it sent and done :wub:

will be meditating in a little while
love m

2nd August 2010, 12:03
August 1, 2010 - UPDATE: Healing for My sister...


2nd August 2010, 16:23
August 1, 2010 - UPDATE: Healing for My sister...


Thank you, happytobe, for posting this update.

This is truly a wonderful, wonderful example of the power-of-the-people!

2nd August 2010, 17:50
I'm on board...
with love and many blessings...


2nd August 2010, 19:27
Loving, healing blessing for her. Spoken out loud and in my heart.

3rd August 2010, 05:56
Thinking of you on Monday night late and sending a healing love and light to Juliana, a cooling light to lower your fever, followed by a warming, healing light to make you well. Grow strong