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30th July 2010, 20:09
I thought I would start this to keep track of the info about the toxicity of the Gulf - as this will be the main concern in the times to come.

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Scientists: BP dispersants have made spill more toxic
Group working for law firms suing BP cites ‘compelling evidence’


30th July 2010, 21:32
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Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain

4th August 2010, 19:24

30th August 2010, 12:52
‘Blue Flu’ cases spreading around Gulf
“Blue Flu” infecting people along the Gulf of Mexico, other southern states?

Some people are calling it the BP Flu. But it is commonly being called the Blue Flu, because the alleged symptoms include blue lips and skin; and it’s scaring the hell out of people all around the Gulf area –from Texas to Florida.

This Blue Flu is separate from people experiencing something called TILT, or “Toxic-Induced Loss of Tolerance.” TILT is something that hit some of the folks who had been working on the massive cleanup surrounding the oil spill. Symptoms from TILT include eyes and skin being irritated, headaches and dizziness.

The Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving - Part II:
Corexit + Bacteria = Mutated Viruses
If you haven’t read The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving or Gulf Oil Dispersant COREXIT is 11 Times More Lethal than Oil, you should do so in order to better understand what is being presented here. Both articles, along with others related to the Gulf time-bomb biological disaster, can be found at http://worldvisionportal.org/wvpforum/viewforum.php?f=52 .

Without a doubt, the Gulf Blue Plague is evolving biologically as you will see factually set before you here. In all probability, this is the primary reason the mainstream media (MSM) has been silenced, especially with regards to local media outlets along the Gulf Coast.

The Gulf of Mexico is a biological time bomb that is undoubtedly evolving into a chemically induced breeding ground for mutating viruses. All the aspects exist in the Gulf right now and have been established for over three months. Their ongoing manipulated evolution into a viral plague or viral epidemic is evident, yet has been ignored.


The most prevalent ingredient in Corexit is 2-Butoxyethenol. This compound chemical is especially toxic (poisonous) to the blood, kidneys, liver and the central nervous system of all mammals, including porpoises, whales, and humans. Corexit also ruptures red blood cells. Of and by itself, it causes cancer and birth defects. Oil mixed with Corexit is 11 times more lethal than oil alone.

1st September 2010, 02:15
EXCLUSIVE: Tests find sickened family has 50.3 ppm of Corexit’s 2-butoxyethanol in swimming pool — JUST ONE HOUR NORTH OF TAMPA (lab report included)


1st September 2010, 02:21

Corporate Meteors Strike US Gulf