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28th April 2012, 20:07
I wonder what an enlightened person would see looking down at us from space?

Out in space looking at the earth spining and The Sun Always Shines, A beautiful cykel of light and dark down on earth.
Of course there would not be any sunset or sunrise from that view.

Observing how people interact with something they call. (Time)
People on earth based time on, Earth's rotation period relative to the Sun, apparently it's a solar day.

Conlusion about time:
They all seem to be unconscious of the illusion of time, never happy in the now, always chasing the next moment.
And when the moment arrives, they all talk about the past and future, instead of enjoying here and now.

people laughing at the donkey, unconscious that he is the happy one, the poor man is normally late in his illusion of time for something and are not enjoying himself.

what time do you got?
We have to make up some time!
We have to make up for lost time!
Move, can't you see I'm late for time!
Dang I'm late again!
Doesn't he ever keep track of time!
Am I early? what's the time!
What time did you come here?, don't you have a home!
He is always first here!, doesn't he got a real life?
Right on time!, we were about to leave without you!
I just hate people who can't be on time!
I'm sorry I ran out of time!
Have you ever been on time?
I just lost track of time!
Anyone got the right time?
Time is relative!
I wonder how much time is left?
This is the best time of my life!
Time doesn't matter, i'll wait for ever!
That was a long time ago!
I don't got time for you anymore!
Don't waste your time!
My time!
Don't waste my time!
There is never enough time!
I hope next time will be better!
This is a great time!
Next time!
What time?
That time!
what timezone?
We are losing time here people!
You have to make up for YOUR lost time!
We have to make it in this window of time!
It's the only time we got!
Do as I say, we don't have time to argue!
Whoa that was crazy times!
I would like to make up for HIS time!
Please leave some time for me, in your schedule!?
Do you think there will ever be a time we get ourselves out from this mess?
If we only had more TIME!

Don't land the ship!, they are not conscious enough.


P.s..Just an idea that came to me, nothing serious..


29th April 2012, 01:23
If they are benevolent, they realize the intense duality for what it is, and wish for humanity to raise our consciousness so as to break free of it... and the negatives use that lack of awareness to their advantage, and our disadvantage.

Source knows everything is 'OK'... for All will eventually understand... in Their Time. And, if necessary, Source will help everyone along that path.

In Unity and Peace

29th April 2012, 01:25
I think that at first the enlightened ET would look at our planet with awe. It would be mesmerized by the diversity of incredible life here on this planet. It would probably bring with it a special microscope to see every detail of this magic here as it would not want to miss anything that would try to escape. And then this ET would notice eventually the human species and would want to start studying it, however I think that after a while it would be less than interested in continuing to study this primitive species that thinks that it is more than what it is able to deliver. The ET's would soon enough realize that humans are incredibly boring, predictable, selfish, self-centered beings, and as such would want to teach it to become more than its emotions, because beyond the emotions lies the wonder of the soul that resides within this human body.

Eventually the enlightened ET's would realize that it was a mistake to come to planet Earth in the first place. The human species was never meant to evolve into what it is today, if only it was left alone to fend for itself on this unique evolutionary journey.

Hey <8>, I love the way you think. You contemplate on very interesting questions, I wish more people did.