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29th April 2012, 22:24
Hi all

I need some help if anyone is able to. I believe I have an attachment and have tried to meditate to be rid of it but I am unable too. It is making me angry and taking away my sleep pattern as well as making me feel uncomfortable around my family.

Any help or advice would be appreciated


29th April 2012, 22:33
I suggest emailing Tanaath at the SilverLegion.org , she has given great advice in the past on getting rid of those, also Robert Stanley or Duncan O'Finioan, would be couple other viable resources on getting those gone. But, also there are several here that are very wise on the subject as well. Good Luck.

finally there!!!
29th April 2012, 22:34
Hi Ammit all I can say is hang in there and I'll send good thoughts,unfortunately I'm not qualified to give a more reassuring answer. I'm sure the good people of Avalon will have some advice :cool:

30th April 2012, 01:11
I think I read (on here somewhere), that you can cleanse yourself of "cling-ons", by lighting a sage stick, and bathe yourself in the smoke. It might be wise to just do a whole house cleanse while you are at it, but be sure to bathe yourself in the smoke, head to toe for a couple minutes. You can usually get sage at specialty shops, whole health shops or head shops. I h:oope you free yourself from your unwanted visitor soon, i will send you some healing positive energies. Sincerely.

Mad Hatter
30th April 2012, 01:22
Hi Ammit,

I am way under qualified for offering any specific assistance but I'm sure the relevant Avalonians will answer your call.

I will however put this out there... tell whatever it is that you do not give your consent for such actions...

I look forward to hearing all is well soon.

Fred Steeves
30th April 2012, 01:26
Hi Ammit, you are firmly in control of your own destiny, especially in these times. You are also here and now for a reason, so it sounds to me like you are being activated through the old pressure cooker routine to remember who you really are, and do what you are really here to do. Wherever this takes you, put all fear aside and follow your 'heart'. Enjoy the ride.

My 2 cents anyway.


30th April 2012, 02:05
May be some Pink Floyd can help

Like many friends here said, you can get better just do it.

Try not to think too much, observe nature.


30th April 2012, 03:28
A suggestion: http://www.ascension101.com/en/ascension-tools.html. Try doing the Fear processing meditation, treat your attachment as a fear, (and I believe fears are often attachments). It doesn't matter what you call it. See if this process works.

It has worked for me. Power to you.

30th April 2012, 04:45
Aloha Ammit,

Since Nov of last year I've had success at eliminating negative energies and other things including having aliens technology's/codes removed from my energetic field through the use of the vortex meditation technique and with the help of bioenergetic healers who specialize in this work. Until I began using vortex meditations nothing helped identify or remove this stuff and I've also witnessed many other people who use this technique find healing...

Meg Benedicte is a pioneer in ascension energy and is leading the way in helping people heal their energetic field from all kinds of interference from past life contracts or karma, family of origin genetic codes/programming, alien hooks, codes, implants etc. There are a wide array of bioenergetic issues that are now coming to the attention of healers, that we need to learn how to address on our path toward healing and ascension. Met has a couple of websites you might want to explore...

VortexMeditation.com (http://VortexMeditation.com) where you can learn the technique and more about her work

NewEarthEvolution.com (http://NewEarthEvolution.com) is her main website, it talks about her work with bioenergetics and helping people upgrade their own biocircuitry. Since I connected and began listening to her weekly shows last Nov, the energy of my entire life has COMPLETELY turned around...it's taken a lot of work but in that time I've made progress that i never imagined was possible by simply going within to do fine tuning, learning how to read my own energy to use the vortex to spin out dark, shadow energy or anything else weighing me down. Meg is a very gifted healer, just listen to the last portion of her radio programs where she works with callers and you'll see what I mean...she's doing absolutely INCREDIBLE work!! She does her readings and healing remotely from the 5th dimension, you can work with her privately by contacting her from the website and/or you can listen to her Wed radio programs on blogtalk radio where she helps us all on upgrading our own bioenergetic circuitry ~ you can also go into the archives at your own leisure.

In addition, she has a monthly global intention workshop which is very powerful, specifically geared toward lightworkers, starseeds, indigo's and other's working with the Light to help humanity through earth changes ascension...next months program is very exciting, she'll be conducting it live from Mt Shasta during the Suns eclipse om the 20th...which apparently coincides with a Pleidian eclipse, so this will be a powerful event to connect with for everyone.

Anyway, hope that helps Ammit....was guided to respond so I with any luck the message made sense and resonates with you, finding Meg has been nothing less than miraculous for me. Within days of doing the first vortex meditation I discovered FOUR negative entities attached to my energy field and was guided in how to remove them...at that time my health had been on a downhill race toward the bottom, I had been depressed for so long that fighting suicidal tendency's was a daily battle where I could never imagine feeling good again - I was literally in a place of "Just help me finish my job here so I can transition off this planet....PLEASE!!"

Now, six month's later after getting into a routine of daily meditations in the vortex, learning how to PROPERLY ground and protect myself along with all the work Meg teach's us to do in upgrading our pineal gland, right brain activations, learning how to transmute CME energy etc...after all this work I love life and feel soooo darn good energetically that even trying to imagine where i was last Nov...while experiencing the "dark night of the soul"...is next to impossible! So when I hear someone who needs helping getting out of an energetic rut Meg is the first thing that comes to mind because of the difference learning how to live in the vortex has made in my life...

btw...I'm not new to meditation, but this is a new, or higher path in meditating...Megs program is developed for the ascension and the new 5D earth so it's not corrupted or keeping you locked in 3D clockwise downward spiral. Anyone who is still using the clockwise motion in energy work is only staying locked in to duality and 3D Earth...many people are experiencing problems breaking away from duality and the collapsing operating system in 3D because they are using old techniques designed to keep us balanced while operating in the old enslavement program we've been under for thousands of years, now that's all changing so we have to learn new techniques in meditation that are conducive to helping us make the transition while our physical bodies ascend into higher energy's.

Please feel free to PM me if you have questions...I try but don't always have time to respond to threads anymore.

In Lak'ech!

30th April 2012, 06:51
Thanks for all your replies.

I think I got rid of it late this morning, meditated, cleansed myself during a banishing ritual, and maybe a little help from my friends. It was actually quite a scary experience, I have been ( if you like ) possessed before by the spirit of an old soldier killed during battle quite local to me.

This was different,, I swear I felt it slide from the back of my head and down my back towards the end of the ritual,, my head cloud that has been over my eyes for 2 days began to lift, my body began to relax and I felt a little better. Had some sleep this morning and think that was needed to complete the job and refresh me.

This was not pleasant and something I dont want to experience again tooooo soon.

Many thanks my friends


30th April 2012, 19:01
I think I read (on here somewhere), that you can cleanse yourself of "cling-ons", by lighting a sage stick, and bathe yourself in the smoke. It might be wise to just do a whole house cleanse while you are at it, but be sure to bathe yourself in the smoke, head to toe for a couple minutes. You can usually get sage at specialty shops, whole health shops or head shops. I h:oope you free yourself from your unwanted visitor soon, i will send you some healing positive energies. Sincerely.

Ammit, i agree with starchild, Try using sage, and your intention and believe what you are telling the entity, to leave you as it is not welcome. My Partner and I Have used sage to cleanse or home and ourselves. When we first moved in to our home a few years ago we had many experiences with someone we believe lived in the House before, We didn't see the spirit as a threat though and just stated that we were the new owners of the home and wanted to share the house peacefully and was no threat, I have not had any problems since. We also had a run in with another entity that was scary, Right then My Partner went and got the sage we demanded it leave and Have not had any problem since.. I think it is your intention that is the strongest in forcing the entity out the Sage opens that window of opportunity... Best of Luck.

30th April 2012, 20:02
Are you sure it isn't your own conscience that is burdening you? Conscience is a tricky thing as i know this from personal experience, the cause isn't always easily observable. Feel free to unburden whatever it might be that hunts or haunts you. There is always PM if you feel like that.

30th April 2012, 20:23
Thankyou again to you all, white knights on horse back as usual. blessings.

I do not need to pm you Magnus but thank you for the offer of privacy, I am however not afraid to speek of my mind set and how i feel at this time.

I feel i no longer need to be or want to be on this existence, I am not suicidal or anything of that nature but, i feel i am done here and need to move on.

Davy, thank you, I did during my own cleansing last night use a sage smugde stick for myself and entire house.

I meditated a lot today and lifted my vibrations to the highest i have ever known, i walked around with this brightness, everything was so bright even though it was cloudy and raining. It lasted about 1 hour before easing and the brightness faded, i will do this daily now as i felt so good that i would have happily moved on with no regrets or worries, when the lightness faded though, i felt myself drifting back to how i feel now..

Maybe its the magnetics or even the solar flaire, maybe I have a virus or high bloodpressure again, i dont know. but that feeling, umm man it was wonderfull, lightness and warmth.

I will hopefully over come my lowness and feel like normal again, then again, maybe i dont want to.

Blessings to you all

Ammit, Don

30th April 2012, 20:32
Maybe we are some that share the same base, but let us make the best out of it while it lasts! :)

30th April 2012, 20:36
It does not however explain the feeling of something sliding down my back from my head...

30th April 2012, 20:42
So the attachement you want to get rid of is, that you don't feel attached to your earth-life anymore? But attached enough, to care about your family's feelings. You're angry when it feels like you've accomplished what you came for?

Sorry for asking like that, I just want to understand where you're coming from.

Maybe your uneasyness reveals, that you're not done yet and you only subconsciously wish you were, because you know you've done a great job so far and know instinctively that the toughest part of the journey is yet to come, which gives you some buck fever. - My pure guesswork :peace:

30th April 2012, 20:47
Thats true! I wish i could share your experience in order to understand it better. Did you have any specific happenings occur to you before this oddity started?

30th April 2012, 20:51
Hi Christian.

I feel more angry at what is going on, things that i feel is not part of my job or can even do anything about. I am tired so tired now, I barely sleep and i am always in hyper mode. My family means all to me, but even saying that,, I would have moved on regretless today, the light that was around me made me feel that all will be well and things will be ok.

Maybe I am due a stress overload stroke or nervous breakdown?????, i really dont know.


=[Post Update]=

Thats true! I wish i could share your experience in order to understand it better. Did you have any specific happenings occure to you before this oddity started?

Yes Magnus, i felt tired and angry at everything, not in a hurtfull way mind, but just angry that things are wrong...

30th April 2012, 20:52
Don, I know we don't know each other, but I saw your thread and had to have a look because you said you needed some help.

In my experience the best thing you can do is watch this presence. With no judgment whatsoever. Do you know what I mean? No attacker/victim, etc. Just observe it. Stare at it - but with no aggression or emotion involved. There is no enemy. An antagonist requires a protagonist ... do not be that man. You are not the droid it is looking for.