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31st July 2010, 14:15
So I got curious.
I went to Wikileaks, (http://www.wikileaks.com/wiki/Afghan_War_Diary,_2004-2010) and d'loaded the whole thing in HTML format. A mere 78 Mb. zip file, it opens to something a bit bigger. In fact it:
Contains: 87,851 Files, 86 Folders
Size: 3.54 Gb (3,809,207,465 bytes)
Size on disk: 3.69 Gb

Now you can just view it all on Wikileaks, (http://wardiary.wikileaks.org/) but if you have a home machine with a web server running, there are several advantages. (being an unsung genius of web programming I have two. 1 Linux. 1 Micro$not)
1. It can't "disappear" anymore.
2. You can search the beast. Which is probably provides faster, more specific info than simply wading through it.

You may find it a bit dry. In fact, unless you thought reading the dictionary was for "amateurs" and preferred reading the phone book, looking for pearls of wisdom, this may not be for you. ;)

It contains the mil-speak reports of some 77,000 incidents from 2004-2009. Though most of the mil. acronyms are defined,it still has the readability of a recipe for concrete. Still what has gone on, comes through.

I have only had the beast since Wed July 28, but two events, since its release, stand out.
All the cries from govt weenies about the release of "extremely sensitive material" being a security breach were complete B.S. (for them, anything that bypasses the lapdog press filter is dangerous)
All the cries from the very same govt weenies about the release of "extremely sensitive material" NOT being a security breach were also complete B.S. (The damage done, and no way to stop it, they acted like 10 yr olds saying "that didn't hurt, honest!")

The plain fact is, like the old Pentagon Papers, no one could possibly make the determination in such a short time. It will probably be a growing pain in government's butt, as this thing is sifted for information. It's one thing to have a collection of facts, another to draw a story line from them.

Thank God for the Whistle-Blowers (http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig10/scheer2.1.1.html)
by Robert Scheer
What WikiLeaks did was brilliant journalism, and the bleating critics from the president on down are revealing just how low a regard they have for the truth. As with Richard Nixon’s rage against the publication of the Pentagon Papers, our leaders are troubled not by the prospect of these revelations endangering troops but rather endangering their own political careers.

It is our president who unnecessarily sacrifices the lives of our soldiers and not those in the press who let the public in on the folly of the mission itself.

I'm a bit impressed with the job Wikileaks has done. Each report in the collection has the full text, and since that includes Lat. Long.s for each one, they've provided a Google Maps image locating ea. incident at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, if you ever wondered what keeps Fred away from loose women, and sleazy bars, now you know. :)


PS: I see by CNN today, they now have a soldier in the brig, over the leak.

1st August 2010, 12:36
Hi, Fred, I am delighted to see that you are leading such a moral, upright life. :p Your lifestyle choice allows you ample time to help fellow Avolonians get the big picture. It is so very easy to get bogged down in details when trying to read news items on the net. I appreciate your clarity of mind and dry sense of humour .