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31st July 2010, 16:29
i see no evidence to see they have fixed it. the releif well is about to get used i hear, leaks popping up all over the place and pure disinfo abound. they have put a metaphorical cap onn this disaster and are pumping in the bio weapon corexit to cover themsleves (getting oil to hit the bottom) looks like its a bunch of bs as usual.

I also dont beleive any crap i read on insider websites like the oil drum they have a vested interest in making them sleves not look bad and feed their egos. the media will now prob cease to report on this anymore after hammering us with it for 90 days. oh now magically there is no oil.. 1 MORE NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR THE USA :(

2nd August 2010, 22:32
At almost midnight central us time last night, just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there was a small (3.0) earthquake. Very unusual. Not a good sign.

6th August 2010, 12:06

It appears that a whistleblower has given the game away about the BP well head being capped. It hasn't! It appears that there are two wells around 400 feet apart and the most recent images from the BP rover are of the older capped well, Well 'A', and not of the damaged well, Well 'B'.

BP is so full of smoke and mirrors it's enough to put David Blaine to shame, with banning journalists, faking imagery and now imagesof soemthing that has nothing to do with the event!

There's a guy on Youtube who has plotted it all out, from the planning phase of BPs inentions of drilling for mere exploration means, or, in other words, only to test, to the present day.

As I am by nature a doubting Thomas, I checked with old footage of the BP Rover and this story on Youtube is true, or at least the numbers are. This is HUGE. And I also understand that Pelosi has blocked an investigation into the BP blowout also. Which makes it even BIGGER!!

The following link for the four part explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPhPvQot4o8

The following link is a video of the Rover in July. Check the coordinates: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydghupdEoxY

Just to confuse the issue, the Rover coordinates change in front of your eyes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-rJH9xB7fk&playnext=1&videos=9dw7yykSS2I&feature=rec-LGOUT-real_rev-rn-1r-11-HM

So everybody, make up your own minds. :D

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6th August 2010, 12:42
Well done Steve!
A friend sent me the following in this morning's e-mail:


This shows that BP are lying about having capped the gushing well. I captured this video a couple hours after BP issued a press release claiming that their "static kill" procedure had successfully taken control of the well. Kudos to Youtube user "2010MsBambi" for tipping me off to this -- watch his excellent 4-part video series about this topic at Youtube. But what would take you 40 minutes to hear him explain I can do for you in a fraction of the time.

The Skandi ROV #1, one of the pair that were parked in front of the oil gusher all those weeks, was moved after the tropical storm came through the Gulf. It is now parked in front of "Well A," the one that BP first attempted, then capped and abandoned after problems developed. They then drilled "Well B" which is the one that blew Deepwater Horizon out of the water and was and still is gushing oil.

BP claim that they are showing you video of a capped Well B, which is a lie. Go to the government's own web site and download the paperwork that BP filed for the MC252 survey zone:

Mineral Management Service PDF File

Well A is located at map coordinates X=1202804 and Y=10431617.

Well B is located at map coordinates X=1202514 and Y=10432914.

The Skandi ROV, parked on the wellhead BP claims is Well B's, is at map coordinates X=1202778 and Y=1043165**2, with two numbers not clear from the video.

NOTE: The date appears as 4/8 instead of 8/4 because the Skandi ROVs are based in Europe and that is their dating covention.

This is hands-down proof that BP are lying and showing pictures of the neat, clean cap they put months and months ago on Well A before moving Deepwater Horizon over Well B's location and starting to drill it. The oil is still coming out Well B and BP cannot stop it so they are lying to limit their financial damages.

BP used Tropical Storm Bonnie as an excuse to pull all the ROVs from the water and then reposition the Skandis and probably others as well at the clean, capped Well A, which was capped well before problems started happening to Well B. That's the missing piece in this whole game. Well B, the one that cause all this mess, is still wide open and BP and the dumb media are lying to you.

6th August 2010, 13:41
the trick is , at best , without ourselves having direct access to the site to verify for ourselves , we are getting second and third hand information filtered though other peoples agendas and the ones behind it are doing there best to ensure that we do not even have that

7th August 2010, 10:16
so matt simmons is somewhat correct, also they are pumping millions of gallons of corexit into the water to keep the oil from surafacing. bp have made an unskimmable toxic soup. im beggining to think matt simmons is correct and that this is THE biggest cover up in history. richard hoaglands white paper should be intersting, hes held back quite a bit and waited for the dust to settle so to speak. fools rush in where angels fear to tread and all that..

perhaps bill may need to issue an adendum to his article claiming its all alright and theres nothing to see hear.i always like to keep an open ended veiw and i thought the article was premature at best. there is more to this still.

7th August 2010, 11:20
I noticed that quake too Linda, your right it's very unusual for Louisiana.

Oklahoma and Missouri have both had small quakes in the last 2-3 weeks too..

7th August 2010, 11:51
At almost midnight central us time last night, just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there was a small (3.0) earthquake. Very unusual. Not a good sign.

Actualy not that unusual...

found this quote from one of numerous sites after googling "quake activity in baton Rouge Louisianna"

"While Louisiana is not considered a high-risk and hasn't seen seismic activity anywhere near the magnitude experienced recently in Chile or Haiti, there have been a handful of significant earthquakes in the state. Two of the largest fault lines run through Baton Rouge."