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2nd May 2012, 08:27
however you choose to proceed perceiving..

dispite what they say about the blue solar water, other colours may work aswell, for what? healing purposes i'd imagine. green being a major contributer imo. this may well be the healing with sound frequencies light and color that so many speak of.

it is true the sun comes down to us in a spectrum of color frequenceys and waves, accumulating this in your body and mind knowingly may well let you achieve heightened states of awareness and healing. in truth, healing is the essence

but i'm not exactly sure what you are looking for.

"If Vitamin D were discovered today it wouldn't be labeled as a vitamin but rather a hormone. Vitamin D is vital for so many different functions in the body and most certainly plays a significant roll in ones physiology. Vitamin D is "the sunshine vitamin (hormone)" and melatonin is the "night time hormone". Both play a huge roll in circadian rhythms which is a topic that many have studied in regards to spirituality - think pineal gland with Strassman as well as countless others.

Being a practical person of logic one can conclude that if the universe has produced some construct of being once, that its more than likely that it will do it again. This notion would hold true with communication and the interconnectedness of everything. Our bodies have a nervous system and an endocrine system. The brain is able to communicate with everything else in our system. Not only that but there are pheromones and allomones which allow for non-verbal/non-visual communication to take place between animals. Take this a step further and its more than possible and in fact probable that there is inter-solar communication taking place between us and the sun. The proof is in the pudding. Its a FACT that sunlight influences us... vitamin D.

We are all connected. We are one."


Listen, we are at war now, there is going to be much silence and information will become scarse, find source, i bet you realize now that we are going to have to find other ways to communicate otherwise it will be word of mouth from afar. i wonder how far a concept or an idea would reach if given enough time to carry its message.. think of it, its truly a battle for souls, and we penned, here on here on this once and still beautiful earth. they want to try to terrorize us to death.

Please listen

this new technology is not the only technology, or technology is what we make it, and it can ever evolve. there is no way to foresee now what just might possibly come, these things are omnious, and with quoteless efforts there are sometimes better questions to face. surfacing technology goes beyonde complexity. there is no agreement of signing. we can set up our camps too..you know. and we can turn around and won't have to come back to this. the governing system in and of itself is and has been flawed from the very beginning, simply being without knowledge. the only way to start over would be .. to be breaking it from the beginning; and the very end of it.

communications /is are evolving. there are better means of communication 'contact' more confounding. bringing into being. not only alone. there energy involved play a major role, but once the ball getts rolling things can be seen that are very omnious..

open notes

I tell you now that this is true and i am operating from a standpoint of higher self.

i am going to throw some words around here, or maybe it would be better to throw along some concepts, whichever or, for necessary understanding low hum vibrations

Certain vibrations on lower level frequency wavelengths.. are perceivable through , to other dimensions or other dimensional planes.. some of witch happen to be visible to the human eyes or senses. so yeah esp, certain feelings in reality here, or, happenings anywhere, not just talking necessarily visuals here.

if someone is considered criminal for having more than a weeks worth of food(not even getting into the grocery stores)in the house, what then would a criminal be?

This is not the first time this has happened, there are other lifeforms and beings right now living through (or trying to) a personal destruction of free their will. maybe we should get into that with some of these fruiting rulers..

We Can reach out , pull in enough information/energy always, especially when as souls send out our love in all direction. this is why it does not matter what race you are or what you 'believe' because the greater truth is out there, godconsciousness is all, everything more and nothing less. i don't want to get all philosophical on you but that is the question, itsn't it?

The many forms coming to this realization ask again, what is happening with our black holes?

this is going to get alot stranger and alot darker, we make fuss over few hundreds thousands humans killed... (and btw thank you UnrealDreams for your post yesterday, it is so true): well guess what .. have you ever heard of souls trapped .. taken souls .. trapped souls...... this is we that hurt, many many trapped souls. it is not an image to remember , when you remember i hope your soul too with others will truly resonate and and navagate to an understanding of how to bring back all of them save them

you want to talk about souls openly to one another? well i ask you to talk about souls openly with one another,
let communication commence, there are other ways of communication loved ones be open to it. all that i have are these words in a notebook. ;-)

Those of us whom are worriors from the stand and of the heart stand out and speak, those who keep quiet..

pretty soon it will be only be reaching by words of mouth, i am going to stress this once more, tehy are ginog to cut the pewor. it is true they are watching -(why wouldn't they)

TTelepaths, telepathy, ESP Phenomenah.

/connection to the stars and spirits
mind in ultra maluable action inter disiplinary communications through means of electrical heart signal /heart wanting.
powerful connections to the omni mind / preceving while not being fully capable of knowing it in its entiraty

will we truly die on our feet standing infront of them oppressed , tortured? what are you going to.. or can we please please pleeease take an unfortunatly sometimes sorrowfull pride of setting off an frutation for another goal.. a different future , Our childrens hope.

they have taken Us and oUr children without permission and in doing so we can't not fathom their other dimensional existence , at least in the awake state. a terrible realization has come to me today, that i know is true for many, i . will . not stnad by and..

what is our phisicality to them but a mining of sheep
i love sheep.

who ever they are it does not matter. .
even in the end can we save the souls .. this is frutation
let them blossom as moorhsum for a coupla thousand years .eh. you can see the culmination. the birds do send us messages, as does the wind branches and leaves. All around us we have connection to the source of life that which sustains, universe

the _______ are among us and they are coming out
the earth has pole shifted , sun positioning off, 2nd sun visible?
legend and myth , echos and creeks


is there anyway that i can find peace of mind around here ?
ah ye to create

Alas though
i have forgotten how to paint
the number of times i say it - the number of times it is true

I can paint.

AHH but who have i been becoming if it isn't you?! Surly I cannot become me! sure thee you shall give me back my soul. it is min andi owe it it will not give grace to you. Loved ones. you are still me and i am of you, but to take away my soul? How could you? now i am lost and don't know the way, and it is not a treasure that i haev found, be it coming from you, you know that we and others would try to help you

is this not what you seek our help?

for as far as i've gathered your experiments produce no great results? and though you are still trying would you tell us what it is exactly.. ..what exactly you are trying to achive???

you would like, from my perspective to be born with soul consciousness. i don't want to hurt your feelings but are you having trouble reproducing in your species?

I tell you that we will help you, alot of us feel as you without soul because some has taken them. or fraction

there is a Dark and there is a Light

it is up to you which you choose.
ofcourse with acceptance of spectrumly
let your soul fall into its place. surly my dears you could not be so unthoughtful!

it is hard to want somethign better for ourselves sometimes especially knowing what it will entail
but we must try to manifest what we want to see in universe before it will come to be
everything is going to be ok, especially if you believe it to be so, infact Because you believe it to be so.but you hvae to believe in it .

i think this is where some of the problem comes from
Onees like me and ones like you have simply forgotten how to believe in something greater than oUrselves. but when we come awake again and again to the relization that we are all one on every level simply for existing, it opens up a questioning in my heart

Open up your heart chakras
Be one with the natural flow you feel inside

For it be you as i see , that you are having problem with soul because you have so too forgotten about your hearts. i know the entire story
it is already there and has never left you just have to remember

simulacrum my friend , i am like you , tall grey, pale and hollow, in the sense that i am missing you. we are one you and i , come home , welcome home , i love you