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2nd May 2012, 16:21
Hey everyone,

I've been traveling for the last couple of weeks, so I am not up to date with whats been going on..
Anything interesting happening?
With the Shadow government, or anything having to do with 2012 and the upcoming galactic alignment?

I wish David Wilcock would come out with a new documentary.. I really enjoy watching him.

PS: Does anyone know any good videos I can watch? Here are a few good ones..

Max Igan - The Awakening

David Wilcock - Event Horizon (4 parts)

The day before disclosure (about ET)

I also watch Alex Jones a lot, but sometimes he can get a little redundant.

If any of you could share some good videos to watch, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance..

Have a blessed day,

3rd May 2012, 01:44
Drake et al. has a lot of us goin'....(some pro, some con). Here was the first "really big show":


The la\stest word is that the sweep of arrests will be completed by the beginning or end of June and these arrests will almost all be Governor level and HIGHER -- including the downing of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, etc.

The latest blog by David Wilcock includes new of arrest warrants that are out in Europe:


NOTE: Drake et al. are NOT affiliated with Tim Turner (an apparent illuminaughty shill).

Oh, and be forewarned: this topic is very controversial around here.