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1st August 2010, 16:40
Richard and i own a flower shop and yesterday , He and i, along with my youngest daughter and best friend were at the shop preparing for a wedding. We had a beautiful arch covered in 60 roses, ready to transport...


The cops showed up and ordered everyone out.

(all pictures taken by Richard)

In the back of the shop, right next door to my shop... was this..


They cornered off the whole area. we had to call the bride and tell her there was no way we could deliver the flowers...she was very upset, did not believe us. Some members of her party showed up to try to convince the cops to let them in to get the flowers....Ummm..no.


The open door you see int his next picture, is my shop. We were just about to load the van with the flowers...no time to even close the door.




The name of this robot is R2!!


No one was hurt....shop was closed for 5 hours...Bride is very upset...but nothing we could do.

It ended up being an extortion attempt at the "check cashing" store next to us..

here is the story

MONTREAL - What was first described as a suspicious package in a parking lot off a busy Laval street turned out to be an empty bag linked to an attempted extortion and robbery.

Around 11 a.m. Friday, employees of the Rapide Cheque outlet on St. Martin Blvd. West received a threatening phone call alerting them to the package, placed in the parking lot near the store.

The caller ordered them to stuff money in a bag and leave it in front of the shop, otherwise he'd set off a bomb, Laval Lt. Daniel Guérin said.

They refused and called police.

The cheque-cashing shop and adjoining businesses were evacuated and Laval police called the Sûreté du Québec bomb disposal unit, which exploded the suspicious package.

It had contained no explosive device, Guérin said.

police are trying to identify the caller.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/technology/Extortion+attempt+uses+bomb+threat/3347264/story.html#ixzz0vNC0bVeb

1st August 2010, 16:55
police are trying to identify the caller.
The people at Rapide Cheque had the sense to refuse... would have been nice if they'd "agreed" then called police to snag whoever picked up the bundle of cash.

things you think of, the day after, huh?

1st August 2010, 16:57
actualy i was talking to the owner of rapid check...he said they behaved excactly as trained...

if they did that they could have put alot of us in danger.

but ya...i keep thinking about how..he/they must have been there, watching...

1st August 2010, 18:52
I`m glad you are oke Celine.
A big hug to ya .


1st August 2010, 19:11
Boy, I bet your heart was racing. Glad you're alright.

1st August 2010, 19:37
so very thankfull that all was ok and no one hurt
my love to you all

1st August 2010, 20:25
Thank you all..

Yes it was very tense all day...

1st August 2010, 20:35
I look forward to the end of the 6th night. The past 9 months have been somewhat insane for me and just about everyone i know.

7th day arrives in November, Keep the faith folks!

btw, cool robot eh ;)

1st August 2010, 21:57
I am so glad to read that no one was injured. This could have turned out very differently.

Peace and calm to you all.

1st August 2010, 22:05
So glad you are safe!

1st August 2010, 22:26
I am relieved that you Richard your daughter and everyone else are safe Celine.
Love Chris

1st August 2010, 22:51
Thank you dear chris heart!

It was quite the day.

2nd August 2010, 00:26
A safe ending to the events at least, be well and safe

2nd August 2010, 00:29
Fortunately all is well ...

I see they brought Johnny 5 too:


2nd August 2010, 00:31
LOL good ol Johnny 5

2nd August 2010, 00:33
Yes..it was exciting to be up close to it..

It's name is R2...the cop called it wall-e..richard called it robbie...i like johnny!


2nd August 2010, 00:41
Yes..it was exciting to be up close to it..
It's name is R2...the cop called it wall-e..richard called it robbie...i like johnny!

Wall-e doesn't mind to clean up the garbage that others left ... but if Johnny 5 became aware that the package could "disassemble" he would quit the job. :bolt:


2nd August 2010, 00:50
Well done for being safe! Long may it continue!!..

Be well my friend!


2nd August 2010, 01:08
I am relieved to hear that this scary incident turned out ok for everyone except the bride of course. You can't give in to these people. Who knows, your shop might have been targeted first. Hope you have a great month of August and can enjoy the rest of the summer in peace.

2nd August 2010, 21:16
My Word, Celine and Richard! I have just read this thread... whew, what an experience that must have been!

I'm so glad you guys are ok. Too bad about the wedding's flowers, though....

2nd August 2010, 23:43
Yes, i hope she is having a good honeymoon, but i am sure she will be calling when she gets home..

many of the businesses in the strip mall are considering breaking their lease..