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2nd August 2010, 21:00
You choose to be here


Brilliant message from Freeman :cool:

Make sure you listen to the chap singing at the end of number five :)

2nd August 2010, 22:39
Freeman rocks :rockon: ! He is a fun guy, most of the time in a good mood and is able to expose stuff without making a drama of it.
Very often he's spot on ... this time on one of my favorite topics: "Get rid of the money !"

Ehhh I mean get rid of the believe system that money has value ... :o

2nd August 2010, 22:57
great post... love freeman's message and the chap singing at the end of part five

most of us do live in a CONCRETE JUNGLE.. but we have a choice...:clap2:

2nd August 2010, 23:27
That's funny.. I've had the song 'Jungle Boogie' going round in my head all day... so that's where it's coming from.... the concrete jungle !

3rd August 2010, 08:44
consider this
you are caught up in the mind jungle
you were born with natural telapathic power
then along came say moma dada cat dog
and there you are in a dog eat cat world of narrow
minded thought controled system
do consider the power behind the words (or will i say the lack of it );)
and watch and see how twisted language is
i got more to say about this ... are you in the box .. the narrow
box that languge has given you :attention:
do you want out ... then watch .. use your intuition as
a way back to your original power (telepathy
we dont need no thought contoll ...eh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:gossip:
more later .....i love you swanny :yo:
2z2 is 4 4x4 is 8 mantras!!!!!!!!!!!!!get it

3rd August 2010, 09:11
Love Freeman. His perspective is wonderful. He's entertaining, friendly, very insightful and well-read.
He's a great way to detox any friends on an AJ trip.

I would love to see him get more attention in the mainstream of alternative media.

3rd August 2010, 09:50
Good find Admiral.......... :music:


3rd August 2010, 09:56

good thread dinnt mean to hy jack swanny :rant:

Sunny d
3rd August 2010, 11:32

Woohoo.........!!!:jaw: cool find Swami

3rd August 2010, 11:50
many thanks for this thread! :) cool finds

peace always

3rd August 2010, 15:13

Stuff is just stuff ... it's dead ... no matter how sophisticated ... in the wrong hands it will stay dead.

Now when a creative soul gets to play with it ... it comes to live ! This guy is a great example for the human race what could happen if we would put spirit in our works, or stuff we work with.
Use whatever is available to you ... don't complain what's NOT available. ADD through creativity what's missing ... and make the situation COMPLETE ... always !

3rd August 2010, 15:23
Good find Admiral.......... :music:


WOW that is AMAZING!!! my heart has swelled from just listening to him...
how wonderfully inspiring!!! and those lyrics!!!!!!
Thank YOU!


3rd August 2010, 16:52
Wow! That is really something! He sings from his inside/OUT!!! Take that "Sting"! Good for him. Thank you for the excellent video. I loved it. :)