View Full Version : A Challenge

12th May 2012, 23:12
Im a quiet person in the real world. I like to observe. Some might describe me has a "Watcher".lol... It seems im always reading threads on how mankind is becoming
more & more enlightened or raising their vibrational level or moving into 5d or their becoming awake & aware.
I don't doubt for a second that something is happening. ( Im just not sure what is really happening ?) So I propose challenge. Get some writing material together.
Go to a public place where there are lots of people. Set down and start writing
everything you observe. Try to listen in on conversations people are having. Observe
everyones behavior. Interact has little has possible. A couple of hours should suffice.
Then post your observations on this thread. I will do the same.

12th May 2012, 23:36
I have observed most people do not go with the flow and seek their dreams and lie to themselves.

13th May 2012, 00:36
A difficult assignment jagman, but an interesting one on so many levels. In the observation of others, we may very well learn more about ourselves, our interpretation of the events/conversations, the filters that we use to view others, etc... Being the observer carries much responsibility.