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13th May 2012, 16:30
This is my understanding of Human circumstances:

A. By the end of this year (plus or minus months) the CABAL and so-called elected leadership will be gone and liberated humanity will enjoy universal standing and commerce.

B. The Planned economic downfall will have started within 90 days.

C. ET/ED has and continues to clean-up the Earth and 4th+ Dimensioned beings that have ruled us for thousands of years. The TPTW no longer enjoys their financial and extra-dimensional powers over humanity; the grid and matrix (mind control systems) and chemtrail systems have already been substantially damaged and will be fully removed soon.

D. Thus, we are now fully capable with no further excuses for not stopping the madness now. Humanity itself will decide whether US Marshals & Military are mobilized prior to the economic crash and self-destruction of civilians against civilians as planned by TPTW.

1. ET/ED cannot enter our dimension currently at this time as we are capable of doing that ourselves.
2. Humans will create a much better standing for itself to immediately provide the necessary leadership and self-determination.
3. This is my personal opinion: Many humans are choosing to have Revelations play out; they will be dissatisfied if blood doesn't run deep and Christ doesn't descend out of the clouds.

a. If this happens, it is by group karmic choice to "learn" the consequences of refusal to read the obvious signs of enslavement and ignorance.
b. If this happens, it is by group karmic choice to Return-to-Source.

Thus, the level of human suffering (human population that remains at the end when new "good" bottom-up "human" leadership) after the collapse occurs is determined upon how well in the weeks ahead humanity can work together with civilian and military globally. We have time to accomplish that, but only by actual leaders.

There is no time or effort available to deal with responses by the Negatives and Critics.