View Full Version : drake, cornbread, and the crusty crab

15th May 2012, 04:57
First of all, I have no tiff against Drake, he is who is he is and does what he does, we all have that right....or wrong, within us...he is not right or wrong only we are in the way in which we listen and live our lives unto another instead of ourselves.

He can sing and dance all he wants and so can we,,,,for we are artists and creators! just like the Gods we sometimes worship.....the Gods who fill our psyche whether we are believers or not.

I do what I do, sponge bob knows it, I talk of him often. But I don't try to force it upon others.

I really never got frustrated until I got hungry and demanded cornbread from the powers that be spokes person, which of course I was denied because I am a nobody....that's all I wanted for I was hungry and when people get hungry they do crazy and outrageous things.....so I went to the crusty crab for a burger.

Needless to say the burger was poisonous and I fell into a deep sleep, to where I felt the need to call upon someone I could trust, so I called Drake!

He told me to go back to sleep and now everything is just fine, I am not even hungry any more......

15th May 2012, 21:33
Hey mate,

About such subject, I always advice everyone to DON`T TRUST any person/entity/institution that tell you to just relax and wait, because they will save you from whatever you want to be saved from.

This is the basic core of most manipulative religious ideologies and history proves that itīs very effective.

People are waiting for centuries for salvation, basically "accepting" their destinies, while doing nothing to change things NOW.

Centuries have passed. Salvation never happened. Yet, people are still waiting and believing the same old promises.

I canīt believe this is real. It looks more like some kind of sick joke.

Clean up your minds folks! Take out the trash!

This is the oldest sociological/psychological scam in all the recorded history of humanity!



16th May 2012, 13:28
I was quite tired when I posted this and having a bit of fun being a little tongue and cheeky :) but I agree that this is thee oldest scam in the book and has stunted humanities growth, especially our spiritual growth. Sitting around waiting on the couch for centuries has only got us fat and lazy and hooked on more lies and or illusions....

I think the big "shift" or awakening is somewhat being caused because many of the great thinkers in Hollywood are running out of new ideas for new TV shows, and some people are starting to think of their own new ideas and in a different direction to some extent :)

16th May 2012, 13:39
Things are changing fast, there is no doubt about that!