View Full Version : My grief with you tube, censorship

19th May 2012, 15:06
It seems to be getting worse.
We've all heard of channels taken down due to "infringement" laws and other such things.
Police stations and other Government agencies requesting a ban on certain videos.
The totalitarian tiptoe is seriously happening, and they're sneaking in some extra steps when we aren't looking.
What I've noticed last night, when I go to my subscriptions, is that YouTube is deciding what channels to highlight and if I click on "everything button", I get a repeating list of videos that just cycles and cycles, almost like a glitch.
Add to it that my ability to like a comment has been disabled, videos that I have recently watched won't show up in my history, channels I subscribed, I will become unsubscribed.
So, I guess TPTW are attempting to tighten the flow of information in a ever increasing manner, thinking this will prevent the awakening.
I really find this to be a knot in my undies, since they had a huge hand in controlling information to the point of ignorance for many coming up through public education.
I have the mind set that education should be given freely, and YouTube quickly became that, something the TV should have been.
And it appears to me at some level YouTube is slowly becoming less and less user friendly.
An observation.