View Full Version : Astrology and Being a Spiritual Warrior ?

4th August 2010, 16:17
Hi there

I would like to get feed back as to what people see them selves doing when they feel a call to action. I see the term Spiritual Warrior and I wonder what it means to people.

Me - I do spiritual calls. I invoke the power of the Elohim Angels and Archangels into personal and world situations. They can work on ALL the dimensions but because of our free will to do - or to do nothing, we have to ask them to help. The calls also help to clean up personal karma and make our worlds run smoother, and be at the right place at the right time.

I also look at the astrological aspects as to how things can play out.
http://www.christine-barrere.blogspot.com/ is very good in this regard. She has also added calls one can do.

I sign petitions and forward issues through various means email, facebook, and one on one as it comes up during the day, etc. that people should be aware of. IE I assist in being peoples alarm clock - to wake them up. :)

I also put up a website now I look for other people that do the same thing - to work together.
it is on my profile but it is http://www.rubybluefire.com

Calls are basically about the 'ask and yea shall receive' mandate - things don't always happen as we want it too for a couple reasons. But often either karma or will full interference by other negative forces and we haven't built up a strong enough shield to prevent it.

But basically I am wondering if we could add a forum or topic on this? A place where people can talk about what they do and see if that resonates with others.

The more the merrier!

Any Ideas?