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4th August 2010, 17:21
What’s more Dangerous than a Bank Robber with an Automatic Weapon?

An Ignorant police officer with a Tazar and a Gun!

I was talking to police woman yesterday. Her job is to educate the community about Neighborhood Watch. I asked her several questions she could not answer correctly:

What does the eagle on your badge symbolize? (her answer American Eagle) (my answer Lucifer)

What does the gold fringe on the American flag represent? (her answer “I don’t know”) (my answer Military, Admiralty, or Commercial Law)

What does the sunrise on your uniform represent? (her answer the city seal) (my answer The Dawning of a New Day aka New World Order. Like the Shell oil logo, Obama logo, NBC peacock logo)

She was disappointed that some American in town did not put out a flag on the 4th of July. Later, I thought it might be because they know there is nothing to celebrate. How does one celebrate their independence when the country was bankrupted in 1933 and placed in receivership. What are we impendent of? Currency was the reason for the war of independence. We use Currency today.

What if instead of educating each other on this forum we started educating the police and other government offices?

Post files (PDF, JPG files) on the forum that can be downloaded, copied and distributed.

Make them humorous, cartoonish, serious, funny, educational, have fun...


6th August 2010, 01:34
A woman scorned.