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22nd May 2012, 20:44

June 5/6, 2012. The last Venus Transit of our lifetime...What is its significance?

I welcome one and all to contribute your findings to this thread and to share your thoughts about this event.

I have many things to post however am just wanting to get this thread started now with this:

A most amazing energetic occurrence is going to happen on June 5 and 6, 2012. It’s the last Venus Transit of our lifetime − there won’t be another one until 2117…

Venus will move directly in front of the Sun and in line with Earth, like a lunar eclipse, but because Venus is so much further away from the Earth, it doesn’t block the Sun – it just “transits” across it. This is among the rarest of planetary alignments, occurring as a pair spaced 8 years apart every 120 years or so. The initial transit of the current pair was in 2004 and the final one in our lifetime is quickly approaching – June 5/6, 2012.

When the resonances of Venus are highly focused upon the Earth, its energies inspire a new level of intuitive awareness that permeates and spreads through our human consciousness. This transit will create a wonderful opportunity to connect to our hearts’ desires without having them filtered through our ego – from a field of potentiality as opposed to limitation.

By opening and aligning ourselves energetically, using this transit as a portal, we create a shift for ourselves and for our planet.

I/We/You Are ALL Creating The World You Want To Live In
With Each Thought, Word, And Emotion.

So I am here to remind you to be careful of what you are creating whether you believe you are creating it or not you are!!

And here is a link to a great explanation to get your self started..


Much love to us all!!! :grouphug:

22nd May 2012, 21:48
I am hoping to see if only for a little while more frequent smiles and softer faces. Thank you for the post. Much love wished to all of us.

Earth Angel
22nd May 2012, 23:06
Thank you for starting this thread Kimberely! I am looking forward to reading all about this transit and its implications for us all. My beautiful daughter will be 22 that day so it is already a wonderful day for me.
Softer faces and more frequent smiles is something I would greatly enjoy seeing write4change!

23rd May 2012, 21:09
Lots of good information on this site


The 2012 Venus Transit

Live Webcast from Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Earth Viewing Coordinates

The Venus Retrograde in Sidereal Taurus

The Venus-Earth Synod with
Pholus, Ixion, Quaoar, and Pluto in Ophiuchus

23rd May 2012, 22:36
Yay! On my birthday! I will definitely be soaking up all positive energies. Thanks for the post.

Kali Lemorte
23rd May 2012, 23:40
I can't wait. Im going to try to document and video this. Ill let u know what happens

24th May 2012, 13:00
What NASA has to say about the Venus Transit.......


24th May 2012, 16:09
What NASA has to say about the Venus Transit.......


That's a very informative page for the nuts and bolts of witnessing this - thanks!

24th May 2012, 16:24
Here is a good article from Carl Calleman....

Focus on the Sun - Shifting the Frame of Consciousness
of Humanity on the Venus Transit (June 6) and the
Winter Solstice (Dec 21) of 2012


24th May 2012, 18:29
Thanks Kimberly :)

Here are a few "bits" from your initial link that I wanted to highlight:

The Divine Feminine Awakens

Venus eclipsing the Sun represents an awakening of the Divine Feminine energies in our world.

For thousands of years, the world has been ruled by patriarchal societies. It's time for the pendulum to swing back towards the Divine Feminine and rest comfortably in the middle. To become whole, we need both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies, equally in our lives.

The books, The DiVinci Code, by Dan Brown and The Expected One, by Kathleen McGowan, both reveal the truth about Mary Magdalene and her relationship to Jesus, are good examples of such information. Agreed. :) Currently reading this book.

As the Divine Feminine energy interfaces with human consciousness, it awakens and expands compassion within our hearts and emotional healing can occur for all of Humanity. Compassion awakens the ability to feel and express unconditional love.

To be able to love without attachments or expectations is the highest form of love that a human being can express. This kind of love supports the healing of others and our personal evolution/ascension.

One of the keys to accessing Divine Feminine healing energy is through forgiveness. Only when all is forgiven will total love be available to us.

We can heal ourselves if we are willing to feel and express all of our emotions, and then to forgive ourselves and others for all that we have perceived as wrong.

I started this post last week:


25th May 2012, 17:09
I just found this posted in another thread... this "The Astrology of June 2012 - For Everyone" video does not get into the venus transit however it is mentioned in the comments.

However for those interested in Astrology you will find this information interesting...


3rd June 2012, 19:09
This blog has a lot of good information...

Much love! :grouphug"


4th June 2012, 19:10
An e-mail I received today....


I am so glad to be back.

After 5 weeks without my computer I have
just spent 6 hours on the phone and on a chat-line trying to find
our Envisioning Consciousness magazine.

It got lost together with all of the contents and i can assure you
that i am now twice as grey as i was before.

But that which was lost has now been found.

And as it's now just after 1AM here I'll make this very brief and
will go into more details later in the week.

I have just put up a couple of very important articles relating to
the very special and never to be seen by any of us again, Transit
of Venus. It is now only about 31 HOURS away.

So if you go to www.EnvisioningConsciousness.com and look at the
top two articles on the home page. The top one has all sorts of
important Transit of Venus resourses including a link that you can
go to to see the transit being streamed live - great stuff.

Under that resource article are Edgar Winter's weekly stars for
this special week and they are wonderful for us all. A must read.

Edgar also has some extra interesting information about the
energies this week.

Then later in the week, I'll have a couple of fascinating articles
about the energies at this time from Richard Giles.

Meanwhile, I have, literally, about 4000 emails to sort through too.

But for now the most important thing is the Transit of Venus

Dr Kashonia Carnegie
... Envisioning Consciousness - Your Interactive On-line Magazine...


5th June 2012, 15:26
SimSolar - Solar System Simulator for Windows. Planet labels and orbits can be activated for easier understanding. Includes simple display and controls, speed control, tilt and rotation options for easy viewing, earth centered mode, options for scaled planet and orbit sizes, and over 150 years of range. Registered version includes moon phase display, planet images, planet information, alignment finder, and a Galilean Moons of Jupiter simulator.



5th June 2012, 19:01
Im going to focus on being more responsible with my intent/emotions, more aware of the fact that life is a mirror and if i want to see it smile at me, i have to smile first :)

Earth Angel
8th June 2012, 22:14
anyone experienced headaches since the 5th ??