View Full Version : Earth's Resources r Unlimited.. Lies taught in Universities to perpetuate Fake World

23rd May 2012, 08:55
Remember how you all learnt in Economics 101 that the resources on Earth are very limited but Man has unlimited wants?

The economic problem, sometimes called the basic, central or fundamental economic problem, is one of the fundamental economic theories in the operation of any economy. It asserts that there is scarcity, or that the finite resources available are insufficient to satisfy all human wants and needs. The problem then becomes how to determine what is to be produced and how the factors of production (such as capital and labor) are to be allocated. Economics revolves around methods and possibilities of solving the economic problem.

In short, the economic problem is the choice one must make, arising out of limited means and unlimited wants.

Well it is a bloody lie. Earth's resources are unlimited. Whoever was the bloody fool who asserted that there is scarcity in this world?

This Fake World of ours, This Prison Planet Earth of ours, This Great Mayan Illusion which we live in.. are perpetuated by every single University student out there who learnt all these lies about Economics and Engineering and Science and other Disciplines.

All these Fake Rules about the Matrix which we live in, scarcity and mortality and all other bs, all these fake untruths about our world are consistently reinforced by the subconscious of every new generation of university graduates who are so afraid of getting bad grades and bad jobs that they would burn the midnight oil studying all these Fake Rules about the Matrix.

The Truth is, there are Higher Dimensional Beings who control every bloody aspect of our world including how much oil or drinking water or food there is! But none of these Higher Scientific Truths about the real nature of our Universe are being taught to the public because TPTB know that the only way to control the masses is to hide all these rules all these knowledge of twisting and shaping reality to themselves!

Damn this world. And Damn every fool parent out there who forced their children to be indoctrinated by TPTB because they wanted their children to get good grades in Uni.

Dear Parents of this world, do you even know that you are subjecting your children to a life of slavedom by forcing them to believe in the lie that mortality and scarcity are real? Do you know that you are cutting your children from their Divinity by forcing your children to disbelieve in higher dimensional intelligences outside of this planet?

Now I understand why I did badly in Economics 101. Cos it was a bloody school of lies.

23rd May 2012, 09:01
For any human to truly evolve, he or she must disbelieve every lie and every truth that was taught to him or her from his or her parents, teachers, government, etc.

Enough Said.