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24th March 2010, 17:39
Whoa, I cannot believe they are even thinking about this, if Japan is into this, you can bet all other countries are also.

I did not post this to worry people, only to inform. :p

TOKYO - JAPANESE researchers hope one day to turn blood-sucking mosquitoes - carriers of deadly malaria - into deliverers of a vaccine that could instead inoculate millions for free.

A new study shows real promise for turning the reviled insects into heroes by genetically modifying them to make them 'flying vaccinators", according to scientists at Jichi Medical University north of Tokyo.

The researchers have already genetically modified a mosquito species so that its saliva contains a protein that acts as a vaccine against leishmaniasis, a sandfly-borne disease that triggers terrible skin sores and can be fatal.

The team confirmed that mice bitten by the transgenic mosquito developed an antibody to the disease, meaning they had built up immunity, said Shigeto Yoshida, the associate professor who has led the research. Similarly the mosquitoes could be used to help combat malaria, perhaps a decade from now, said the malaria expert.

'What's good is that they don't charge you for vaccinations,' Assoc. Prof Yoshida told AFP by telephone on Wednesday. 'You would be vaccinated without even noticing. You wouldn't need any drug and you wouldn't need to show up at a designated place for mass vaccinations.'

Repeat bites would only strengthen the immunity, he said. For now a problem is that no effective vaccine exists, because malaria's antigen, which triggers immune reactions, changes frequently. However, Assoc. Prof Yoshida expects science will come up with a solution, and that the transgenic mosquito will ultimately help rid the developing world of a deadly scourge. -- AFP

24th March 2010, 17:40
Oops, here is the link to the original story.


24th March 2010, 18:32
The team confirmed that mice bitten by the transgenic mosquito developed an antibody to the disease, meaning they had built up immunity, said Shigeto Yoshida
I wonder if this "great new mosquito" can also pass on other "fun things".
I wonder if they've checked to see if it can also pick up, and pass things along like... oh, say the AIDS virus?
"Acceptable risk" ?

Interesting that the Japanese came up with this, as well.
The same country that gave thought to another "cool idea", One which one US official has spoken of with "hope":
That is the idea of lacing the country's water supply with Lithium. That way "the people" are more contented, and less prone to violence.

No I didn't make this up. In fact there is a post, with links about this on AV1.

Ok, I couldn't just leave it hangin' out there, so I went and chased it down....


An observation: The news report gave more time to the dangers of "3rd hand smoke", than it did to the notion of drugging the entire population! That's MSM for ya ;)


24th March 2010, 18:35
I'm sure it can pass the AIDS virus on :(