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6th August 2010, 14:53
When I see this clip it really makes me think about how little we really know about animals.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXecXYk0zxA (new link)

I mean really. am I really seeing this.

Please feel free to add similiar videos on animals that just have to make you wonder.

6th August 2010, 15:25
Animals are wonderful beings. They are far more intelligent and emotional than expected by most. A different intellect, granted, but still.....

noxon medem
6th August 2010, 16:27
Get an errormessage from Youtube. Wrong format of videoID. Can you check elysian, and post again ?

John Parslow
6th August 2010, 16:30
Hello elysian

Youtube posted the following message:

The URL contained a malformed video ID.

Thanks for the thread though. Love and peace to you my friend. JP :cool:

6th August 2010, 17:03
If you copied the link from another forum, that may be the problem.
Most forum software "shorten" the text of URL's while retaining the full link "behind the page". when they do this, they will usually dosplay evidence of doing it by replacing part of the link with "..." or "***".
To get the full link for the video, instead of copying the text, r-click on the link and select "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut", depending on your browser.

This has been Handy Hint #237.
Fred ;)

PS: Remember remember the 5th of November,
the powder treason and plot. ;^)

6th August 2010, 22:36
I will try another link. Here it is again, different link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXecXYk0zxA

noxon medem
6th August 2010, 22:50
Thats weird. It worked earlier. well here it is again different link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXecXYk0zxA

- absolutely wonderfull ...


Maybe an old kung fu fighter choose
to be reborn as a bear, with all of his
faculties and abilitys aside himself ..
.. ..
L/L Love and Learning .....

6th August 2010, 23:45
Awesome!...thank you for making me smile! I love bears!


noxon medem
7th August 2010, 00:15
teddybears picnic

East Sun
7th August 2010, 00:43
I dislike 'doctored up' videos that makes animals look like they have suddenly become advanced in evolution. Animals are smarter than we know but in their own way. We need to try and understand them instead of thinking that they should get smart in our 'tunnel-visioned' take on our shared existence with all of life.

noxon medem
7th August 2010, 00:53
talent and training


noxon medem
7th August 2010, 00:58
bears can dance:


7th August 2010, 12:04
That's a pretty funny video, if its real!!! I know what you are hinting at with how well we know animals. Generally speaking, I don't think we acknowledge the sensory and perception abilities animals have. Its pretty common knowledge that cows, horses, dogs, cats, chickens etc all have the ability to sense and act upon weather phenomenon days before they actually occur. The weather they can detect can vary from a small thunderstorm to a powerful earthquake and everything in between. Just imagine the connectedness to the Earth you would have to feel to be able to detect an earthquake.

I'll give you an amazing example of what I am talking about that I was witness to. I grew up in the Cayman Islands (in the Cairbbean) where Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are very much a frequent occurance.

In 2004, the Caymans Islands were hit by Hurricane Ivan which thrashed the main island Grand Cayman (where I live) for over 24 hours with sustained winds of 165 mph, a storm surge of 15 feet and waves that were around 25 feet high. Grand Cayman is completely flat so the island was devasted to about the same extent that New Orleans was from Hurricane Katrina. In some of the hotels there was sand found in rooms as high as 4 stories up, and I know many people who survived literally by hangning on to their chandeliers with under a foot of breathing space because the water was so high.

My Mom had had bred ducks for about 5 or 6 years before Ivan, and at the time we had around 10 ducks in the garden. During the hurricane we put the ducks in the shed for protection from the wind and waves, but they escaped because the windows were broken by flying debris and the water was high enough for them to get out. After the storm passed they were no where to be seen, and we figured they had simply been 'had' by the storm as so many other animals had been. About 3 weeks later, my Mom and little brother were round the house cleaning when they just literally appeared out of no where. This hurricane claimed many lives, washed entire houses away, washed hundreds of cars away that wer never seen again, destroyed almost all vegetation across the island......and here you have 10 ducks that knew not to stay in a shed and knew where to go and how to survive 160 mph winds, 25 foot high waves and then find their way home some 3 weeks later after the storm had passed. As stories got swapped after the storm, we found out that just about everyone who had confined their pets had accidentally killed them because they drowned. Just about everyone who let their pets roam free (or whose pets escaped) miraculously survived somehow. Not one of them died and who the hell knows how they survived. Animals are incredibly intelligent and perceptive, and we haven't even begun to tap that yet...........still though, cool video!

7th August 2010, 18:27
I think the video was doctored. They are getting very good at that.
Not to say that animals aren't very intelligent and getting more so, I believe.
Not too long ago there were videos of elephants painting with their trunks all over the Net that were not doctored, but according to this report:
it was a hoax because the elephants were trained to do it. But I question that elephants could be "trained" to paint this way. You have to see the actual finished paintings to see what I mean. Could every brush stroke have been taught? I doubt that.
I have seen the results of some ongoing scientific studies done using a primate and a parrot, teaching them to use sign language or talk (respectively) where the animals appear, quite convincingly, to understand enough to make up their own sentences.

7th August 2010, 19:08
The Stealth Bear:


Here is the short version:


(yes, it is avatar sized, isn't it? ;))

7th August 2010, 22:51
Personally I thing they are very bright, way different comparing to humans. This is my story related to animal intelligence (home cats). I have two of them. Mother & son :)

Few days ago mother cat was trapped on my roof. For sure I didn't realized it. I just noticed that she has been missing for whole morning. This was strange, while she usually eats by that time. Suddenly, the other cat (her son) arrived in front of balcony window. He was behaving strange (very loud meow). I just couldn't realize what he wanted from me. I gave him food, water to drink, nothing. Same meow, just more loud. What was wrong, I thought, as he is behaving so weirdly. I stepped out of house. I could hear another voice (meow) from above. I looked up and I could see my missing cat trapped on the roof.

I was astonished. Apparently she managed to communicate other cat to help her out. Brilliantly he managed to rescue her by making extra attention (bizarre behavior) to force his owner (me) get out of the house.

When she was safe he just lay down for rest as nothing had happened.