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7th August 2010, 19:03
So I was pulled over yesterday evening due to a headlight being out. the conversation went a little something like this.

C: You ever been in trouble for anything?

Me: Nope.

C: No going to jail, no tickets, no drugs.....

Me: Nope

C: Is there anything in the car I need to know about?

Me: Nope

C: Have you ever tried any drugs?

Me: Nope. No crack, no pcp....I'm twenty one I drink beers from time to time. (Go straight to the hard **** lol, throws em off every time.)

C: Are you sure you've never tried any drugs? Because they say you did.

Me: This is when the thought....kill this person came into mind. Sorry, but I knew from the start once he kept persisting on me doing drugs, this was going to be fun, yet at the same time he was trying to pull out my intestines metaphorically. This was a mental and energetic attack on his part
(By the way I was looking at him and smiling this entire time.)

I knew at this point that he was flat out lying and ultimately just gave himself enough rope to hang himself with so i proceeded to tighten the noose around his own neck that he was trying to put around mine.

Me: UHHHHHHHHHHHHH, You sir are trying to pull things from me in order to get me to incriminate myself or give you probable cause in order to allow you to search my car or take me to jail.

C: His face immediately changes and he quickly begins to deny the obvious fact.

Me: I go to school dude, I've taken classes on Law, and I have friends that are cops...I am not stupid and I would appreciate it if you didn't treat me as such.

He then goes on to tell me that all restaurant workers do drugs, cause I told him I cook and that he was giving me hard time based on this fact.

I laughed and so desperately wanted to ask him whether stereotyping and profiling people was taught to him by the academy, his parents, or his socialization.

Silly human, mind games are for sick ****s.........

It was a wonderful practice session with a petty tyrant to help me sophisticate my patience, timing, and will.

I just wanted some damn Taco Bell for my friends and myself.

It's frustrating being treated as if you are an idiotic teenager when in actuality you're an adult and an intelligent peaceful human. Times like this I wish I had crappy genes and didn't look like a 12 year old lol.

It's really sad to know that there is an entire job set up that enables people to manipulate, degrade, and disrespect, their fellow humans justified by protecting and serving the general public...

Sorry, this post is pretty irrelavant. A good portrayal of how our tax dollars are being spent I suppose.

Kind of ironic that he had to lie about what he was doing, and that I had to lie to him in order to protect my individual environment and being. If only he could realize that cryptic little idiosyncracy. Maybe he'll think about that and water the seed.....but chances are he will not.

Though at the same time with all that negativity, it's so utterly awesome knowing that you can fine tune and practice the ability to SEE and then in turn utilize the knowledge gained in order to protect yourself. As much as I am sick and tired of games.........