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15th June 2012, 00:21
I did not know there were baby hatch boxes in different cities across the world, including Europe and USA.

I did know babies were abandoned in very poor countries, but did not know they were not given to orphanage in developed countries but dropped in boxes.

In view of the Archons' thread by Houman, I really wonder about what happens to these babies. Are they used commercially or in other ways. In europe, there would have been 400 abandoned since year 2000, is this the real number?

For your information, here is the article:


Spread of 'baby boxes' in Europe alarms United Nations

UN says hatches in which unwanted newborn babies can be left contravene children's rights to know and be cared for by parents


Randeep Ramesh, social affairs editor

guardian.co.uk, Sunday 10 June 2012 14.13 BST

A baby bank in Hamburg, Germany: over 400 children have been abandoned in hatches in Europe since 2000. Photograph: Nina Ruecker/Getty Images

The United Nations is increasingly concerned at the spread in Europe of "baby boxes" where infants can be secretly abandoned by parents, warning that the practice "contravenes the right of the child to be known and cared for by his or her parents", the Guardian has learned.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, which reports on how well governments respect and protect children's human rights, is alarmed at the prevalence of the hatches usually outside a hospital which allow unwanted newborns to be left in boxes with an alarm or bell to summon a carer.

The committee, a group of 18 international human rights experts based in Geneva, says that while "foundling wheels" and baby hatches had disappeared from Europe in the last century, almost 200 have been installed across the continent in the past decade in nations as diverse as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia. Since 2000, more than 400 children have been abandoned in the hatches, with faith groups and right-wing politicians spearheading the revival in the controversial practice.

Their proponents draw on the language of the pro-life lobby and claim the baby boxes "protect a child's right to life" and have saved "hundreds of newborns". There are differing opinions on this key social issue across Europe. In France and Holland women have the right to remain anonymous to their babies after giving birth, while in the UK it remains a crime to secretly abandon a child.

However UN officials argue that baby hatches violate key parts of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) which says children must be able to identify their parents and even if separated from them the state has a "duty to respect the child's right to maintain personal relations with his or her parent".

In an interview with the Guardian, Maria Herczog, a member of the UNCRC committee, said that the arguments from critics were a throwback to the past. "Just like medieval times in many countries we see people claiming that baby boxes prevent infanticide there is no evidence for this."

Herczog, a prominent child psychologist from Hungary, says baby boxes should be replaced by better state provision of family planning, counselling for women and support for unplanned pregnancies.

She likened the pro-baby box movements in Europe to the religious right in the US. "Very similar to the United States where we have the spread of the Safe Haven programme with baby boxes in 50 states since 1999. Now we have MEPs arguing for baby boxes and they just reject the convention."

The committee wrote last year to the government in the Czech republic, which has seen 44 baby boxes set up since 2005, asking it "undertake all measures necessary to end the programme as soon as possible".

The ensuing row spilt over borders with two dozen right-wing MEPs, including the current president of Hungary, writing to complain that baby boxes "offer(ed) a solution for women who unfortunately keep their pregnancy a secret and fear to approach official instructions".
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Maia Gabrial
15th June 2012, 02:58
Oh wow....

Robert J. Niewiadomski
15th June 2012, 07:58
No responsibility for oneself leads to irresponsibility for own children... The Rome is falling down and "barbarians" are at the gates...

Yes I know some of the women deciding to abandon their child could be victims of rape or unemployment or in other dire straits... Some do that, thinking that strangers could care better for their child... In a way they think it is better for the child to be abandoned... Some just want to shed the burden from their shoulders but had "no guts" to kill their baby in the womb...

There is also a psychological phenomenon called postnatal depression (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postpartum_depression). IMHO it is an effect of treating women in hospitals as unqualified to give birth on their own. They may feel disempowered. Medics should be of discrete assistance. Instead they rise them selfs to the post of MC and the woman is given the role of "a patient". Just if pregnancy was a kind of "illness". It makes women feeling helpless in carrying for their babies. They start to dwell deeper and deeper on dark thoughts: What do I do now?! I don't know what to do?! What will happen to me now?!

Remember Moses was abandoned too... but nobody condemns his parents for doing that...