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8th August 2010, 14:02

I posted this in another thread but got no replies and I thought it would be interesting to post out there for you guys to ponder....

Had another dream last night. I have a feeling it's tied-in with the solar storms we're getting now with the solar cycle reaching its' peak...

I dreamt I "died" and came back to earth in the current time....but it was different...


At first I was confused, I thought I'd gone back in time to the 1940's.... but I was assured it was 2010....
I was like "No way...where is everhything? Where is the technology?"... it was gone, G-O-N-E.....

Maybe that's what we're in for.... I have a feeling I could be right as I'm getting goosebumps and "spirit shivers" as I write this....

So, don't be surprised, but I cant for the life of me see how it would be a bad thing in the big picture of things.... I think maybe we've reached a point where something like the above has to happen in order for us to change direction and go in a more harmonious path.... I don't know.... but the dream is very telling...

But I'm wondering about the dying bit - well, it wasn't neccessarily dying - it's more like I spent a period of time in the spirit realm - maybe getting trained up??
My question is - if the magnetic storms hit earth and the mangetosphere of earth was sufficiently weak, could it mess with our brains and make us lose consciousness for a period of time??

Veery interesting dream - what do you guys think? Hs anyone had a similar dream of late they want to share??

Love and light

8th August 2010, 15:52
Hi Joel,

Thanks for the dream post. I have had similar dreams, however won't go into those at the moment. I spend a good bit of time logging and interpreting my dreams, so hoping I can help you decipher this one. In my dream experience, ties to particular events are usually pretty cryptic - I have learned this over time by going back to dreams and seeing how the various symbols presented foreshadowed or represented places, situations etc. In my opinion it is a mistake to tie a dream to a forecast event of some kind, because the dream has to do with your spiritual growth most of the time and is very personal. Any time I ever tried to tie something to an event, it ended up being way off. Understand that any direct communication has the potential to abridge your free will and that's not the business your higher self is in. Symbols are not only more meaningful due to layers of meaning, they are also subject to your interpretation, which eliminates issue with free will. Also keep in mind, language is 3rd density... most of the time I have found that language in a dream is something my conscious mind layered over the dream. This hasn't always been the case, but usually. Sometimes language is used in symbolic fashion... generally never literal.

As far as your dream, keep in mind my accuracy may not be that good - your dream is personal and may be pointing to specific aspects of your life and progress that I do not have access to. That being said, my interpretation is that of being born again into a more simple or humble life. Perhaps you rely too heavily on activities of the mind and are disconnected from your spiritual nature. You are given a representation of 'fearing loss' of access to technology, which is to point out that you are overburdened or addicted with your particular technological choices (too much computer, phone, TV and the like) or the effects they offer. This you apparently need to balance with a more natural (pre-tech era) lifestyle.

Hope that helps.

8th August 2010, 17:16
Jonathon has many valid points,and indeed dreams are very personal and have deep meaning no matter how absurd or odd weird they may be.also it is said throughout the ages that one should not talk about his personal dreams to others at all,i read that many times from different sources,the reason is mainly because its a very intimate spiritual personal experience of some sort and its meant for you and you alone,its up to you to figure it out what it means,by meditating reflecting on it,there are tons of literature about this field feel free to look things up tho.

Much peace and love :drum:

9th August 2010, 01:05
Hi, Joel!

Thank you for sharing your dream. :)

I think it's okay to share whatever you feel like sharing on here. You know best. Sometimes it helps others learn to interpret their dreams as well.

10th August 2010, 07:08
reminds me of the regression vision here :

living in abundance without any technological support not even electricity

10th August 2010, 13:50
reminds me of the regression vision here :

Thanks for that link, it was very interesting to read.... Yes it does sound very similar - the difference being that in my dream, people didn't really die - they just seemed to go through a cleansing... But it was a process that everyone could survive....

I'm thinking we're coming up to the time in which this cleansing may very well happen - but only time will tell if it does.....

10th August 2010, 15:01
man has become a technological giant but a spiritual dwarf

spirituality has been forsaken for technological accessories which is but stressful for the soul

Jesus for instance was a spiritual giant with complete mastery over the elements
did He not say that this level of mastery is within reach of each and everyone

this system we live in will have to fall away some way or another - it's just a matter of time

man is not measured by his mind but by his heart

meaning if humanity believes it can continue with a heartless enterprise
it is in for a shock and a surprise

10th August 2010, 18:03
Sort of related, but I thought I could add it here. Last night I had a dream I was watching the meteor shower. I wake up and start up my yahoo personal page that also shows news stories for the day. And on the front page there's an article about the Perseid meteor showers with this pic:


And that's exactly what it looked like in my dream!

10th August 2010, 19:08
A premonition then or a dream come true perhaps?.........

11th August 2010, 07:06
people didn't really die - they just seemed to go through a cleansing... But it was a process that everyone could survive....

I'm thinking we're coming up to the time in which this cleansing may very well happen - but only time will tell if it does.....

I've had visions of this as well. It always makes me very excited to think about. :)