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21st June 2012, 13:24

I wish you all a Happy Summer Solstice today.

May today bring us one day closer to our planetary and personal liberation from tyranny, whenever that happens, beit shortly or a bit later, hopefully within weeks.

May today be a turning point in your lives for the better.

May we all move closer to unleashing the Natural Genius that exists within us all.

May we all breathe skies that are pure and clean, never to see another chemtrail plane or line ever again.

May we all soon -- with the help of ET technology -- quickly heal from our myriad diseases and illnesses that have been foisted upon us by the damn elites in our post-Disclosure world.

May we all experience the astonishing delights, enlightenment and good surprises of the wonderful benefits of our contact with our good ET buddies in our soon-to-be-real post-Disclosure world.

May all of you remain in health and be here in the physical to witness many amazing events that are to soon unfold in the rest of this year of 2012.

And may we all strive to manifest the late Rodney King's dream of all of us getting along, despite our differences of opinions -- we have far more in common than what's different, ya know.

As Rodney King says: Can't we all get along? Can we?

And this applies to real humans, only; clones, drones and droids are excepted! :peace:


21st June 2012, 15:13
Yes indeed happy summer solstice , no Sun though rain and more rain here :noidea: so it can only get better :dance:

21st June 2012, 15:17

Here's to the coming of a Renewed World of Unity, Peace and Love!

21st June 2012, 15:39
I would only add that we must make our own efforts too. Do with others, what we can do ourselves.
Let us strive to build a better tommorrow.
Get beyond our lions and raily do things.

Truth Beaty & Goodness

21st June 2012, 17:53
WORLD LIBERATION MOVEMENT Summer Solstice Meditation



11:11 am HAST June20 (Hawaii)

3:11 pm AKDT June20 (Alaska)

4:11 pm PDT June20 (Los Angeles)

5:11 pm MDT June20 (Denver)

6:11 pm CDT June20(Houston)

7:11 pm EDT June20(New York)

8:11 pm BRT June20(Rio de Janeiro)

12:11am BST June21 (London)

1:11 am CEST June21 (Paris)

1:11 am SAST June21 (South Africa)

2:11 am EEST June21 (Bulgaria)

3:11 am MSK June21 (Moscow)

4:11 am IST June21 (India)

7:11 am CST June21 (Beijing)

8:11 am JST June21 (Tokyo)

9:11 am AEST June21 (Sydney)

21st June 2012, 18:13
:amen: Mozart

Blessed Solstice everyone, May the light shine upon you and through you.

Next solstice Dec 21st. :clap2:

21st June 2012, 19:46
6 months and one day until the New Mayan Calendar starts... ;)

21st June 2012, 21:56
Yes indeed happy summer solstice , no Sun though rain and more rain here :noidea: so it can only get better :dance:

ditto here. but where I live it's the Winter Solstice

21st June 2012, 22:49