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10th August 2010, 00:15
Three videos about a healing that is been around since the beginning of 20 th century, and that has spread around the world. In England is already part of the National Health Service. in America William Rand and Alice Stein are well knowned.


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10th August 2010, 00:24
some links to explore

http://www.reiki.org/ - William Rand


10th August 2010, 02:12
Thanks for posting these videos and links! I have a dear friend who practices Reiki, so I can attest to the fact that it balances the body's energy. And being in balance certainly makes it harder for illness to set in.

10th August 2010, 09:54
Hello Cipher ! :)

Yes, it really is surprinsing. I still marvel about how it works and the fact that everybody with an attunement can be a reikian...:)

Your case aside........................I must say, I am very surprised about the absence of feedback of the members of the Forum about this use of Universal Energy.

The World Energy is changing and reiki is another tool, and a loving one, that helps to keep your energy balance, your chacras clear, etc.


Reiki in hospital - Brasil


10th August 2010, 10:04
Reiki is also used in pos-quimio teraphy in adults and children, austism, depression, fibromialgy, fisotherapy, etc


10th August 2010, 10:09
Video from a fisiotherapist in the U.K.


10th August 2010, 12:00
Thanks for the videos, again! I'm definitely a big fan of Reiki. In my opinion, it's all about balance.

Eating healthy and exercising help balance the physical third. Meditating and interpreting ones' dreams help balance the mental third. And finally, Reiki and similar energy practices help keep the spiritual third balanced.

10th August 2010, 13:31
Hi I am learning Reiki level II at the moment, it has opened up a whole new world for me, psychically, spiritually and I can help others in my work. Also looking after my own healing. It is an amazing healing technique and I am glad to see others input on here.

10th August 2010, 16:29
Hello Yona ! :)

It's great that you are already on your «way»...

Here is another link that will find more information...I have been working with crystals (among other tools) for some time and the results are amazing !


10th August 2010, 16:36
I personnaly work with tibetan metal bowls...I found them more effective than crystal bowls. But I think all depends of your «feeling»... :)


10th August 2010, 16:54

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You project reiki symbols in the bowls and also you can sing the Healing mantras ...

10th August 2010, 17:15
Hi MariaDine, just found your thread! I am looking forward to watching the videos. I have level 1 attunement and have found reiki very helpful in keeping me balanced and in a positive frame of mind while going thru back problems a few years ago. Every so often I still use it with noticeable beneficial effects.

I have friends who are always willing to give me a healing whenever I need it so I guess I am not motivated enough to move on to level 2. One day I will however!

10th August 2010, 17:17

10th August 2010, 17:30
Hello Sunflower !:)

I'm so happy that You like the thread...and I hope the videos posted are useful and open the way for more investigation about the interconnection of Reiki with other «tools»...

I found out in my search that reiki is just the «beginning» of an amazing path. I do not draw the line between what is and whta is not spiritual....I think everything is «spiritual», because we have a wonderful tool, the mind, that acts like a driving force to learn more. I don't see the mind as an obstacle but has a creative force.


10th August 2010, 17:43
In U.S.A. Reiki is also called «Healing Touch». Be sure that you get the reiki attunement by a reiki master.


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Spiral of Light
10th August 2010, 18:50
Hello Sunflower !:)

I found out in my search that reiki is just the «beginning» of an amazing path. I do not draw the line between what is and whta is not spiritual....I think everything is «spiritual», because we have a wonderful tool, the mind, that acts like a driving force to learn more. I don't see the mind as an obstacle but has a creative force.


This is a wonderful thread. I have to agree with you that Reiki is part of an amazing pathway.

I found Reiki after I began to practice Yoga and meditate several years ago. The dynamic energy that I could feel coming from my hands after a yoga session and meditation really got my attention... to the point that I decided to discover what it was and find a way to use it for a good purpose.

I am now at Reiki Level II and moving on to Reiki Master soon. My search for Reiki opened many other doors for me, including research into crystalline energy and other avenues of healing.

As a nurse, I find many ways to use the energy, along with self-healing and applying it to my dog who is blind and suffers from pain in his eyes. Reiki helps him and all those to whom I have had the opportunity to offer it.

Many thanks for opening this discussion about a beautiful subject.

10th August 2010, 21:34
Hello Spiral ! :)

Thanks for your sweet input :)
You may find this worth exploring http://www.animalhealers.com/

12th August 2010, 11:39
To see the aura with fotos and videos...


12th August 2010, 11:50
yesss! thank you very much for this thread...

love reiki and energy medicine in general.....very important info is held within ourselves and our capacity to utilise it and use it can make us unimaginably powerful....it is just a case of remembering how....

much love and peace

13th August 2010, 10:30
What is Karuna Reiki

14th September 2010, 11:56
Hi MariaDine
Thank you! I am loving Reiki and am interested in crystals too.

14th September 2010, 14:17
Thanks for the video's, I am a reiki2 but use other forms of healing, I have crystals and Tibetan metal bowels have about 9 of those..

I was first introduced to healing with an initiation from an African .. a psychic friend saw him standing behind me and told me instructions he gave to turn on my healing abilities .. a while later I did Reiki1 and the energy was the same in my hands.. about 10yrs ago for some unknown reason my feet also turned on with healing energy....now I just have to think healing and my hands and feet turn on..too funny sometimes.. have also don't some internet experiments using the computer to pass energy through to others o the other side of the world..that was fun..

I was once said to me that what we do with healing is to interrupt the energy that is effecting a perso long enough for their own body to heal itself..

luv n light