View Full Version : America's New Health Care System Revealed

10th August 2010, 14:20
I came across this chart earlier today. It was created by an economic committee led by Senator Sam Brownback and Representative Kevin Brady. The chart illustrates the absolute, bureaucratic nightmare imposed by the new health care bill in the states.

I'm all for being healthy, but there is a clear difference between health care and sickness care. It would make a great deal of sense to live a healthy, balanced life; getting enough exercise, keeping a positive mindset, and eating plenty of raw foods. I bet we'd avoid the need for most of these silly dramas and medical expenses then. I can personally say that I began eating mostly raw foods, working out daily, and keeping a spiritual mindset before I even graduated high school, and have hardly fallen ill since.

Here are the links---

This is for the press release:


And here's the actual chart:


I wonder how many tax dollars were put to use making this chart :p

10th August 2010, 15:09
This legislation has NOTHING to do with healthcare!

10th August 2010, 17:20
Typical: create a system where blame for failure cannot be placed on anybody, thus all will "try their best" but "you know my hands are tied" ...
Feel good but only accomplishment would be creating thousands of new work places in administration, and raise in costs of all other health-care related services.
But hey, so many asked for that!