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12th July 2012, 04:40
Remote Viewing is the innate ability we (ALL) have to 'Tap-Into' the 'Universal Consciousness' to find the 'Answers' to what (We Already Know)...:yes4:

Let me explain in an example:

inĚnate   /ɪˈneɪt, ˈɪneɪt/ Show Spelled[ih-neyt, in-eyt] Show IPA

1. existing in one from birth; inborn; native: innate musical talent.
2. inherent in the essential character of something: an innate defect in the hypothesis.
3. originating in or arising from the intellect or the constitution of the mind, rather than learned through experience: an innate knowledge of good and evil.

I have seen many, many Questions regarding Remote Viewing (RV) here on the 'Forum' and subsequently many, many different & somewhat complicated Opinions...

So for this exercise, how about we use the good-old K.I.S.S Formula (Keep-It-Simple-Stupid)


What is (RV)..?
How do you (RV)..?

Without going into the 'Technicalities' of the process as a (Whole), I thought I'd share with you how I use what I've learnt through (RV) that anyone of us here can do in a Split-Second..:) and Learn How to (Trust your Intuition/Gut Feeling)...

How to (Do-It) whilst surfing through the Avalonian Forrest of Knowledge..?

Question: How many times have you Innately/Intuitively known the Answer to a Question - Decision &/or Feeling, only to find out (After The Fact) you made the 'Wrong Decision/Choice' and went against your 1st intial Intuition/Gut Feeling..?

Answer: We (ALL) have...:yes4:

Solution: "Don't think about it, Just Do"...(With practice learn to recognise that the 1st innate Answer/Decision is generally the (Correct One)...:yes4:

Summary: Go (Within) and Tap-Into the (Knowing) and Listen to your (Inner-Self) more often & (Evolve)...:)

PS - I realise most of you know this stuff, but is just a gentle reminder to those who from time to time tend to forget...:)

It works best I find, after I have weighed up (ALL) the Pros & Cons on a particular Subject/Theory or Opinion ...

...and the Biggest-Tip is to...

(ALWAYS) have in the Back of Your Mind, plain old (COMMONSENSE)...

I'll say it again "Use your own (COMMONSENSE)"

12th July 2012, 06:09
i used to think that there should be a space in social discourse where one can voice there instinctive response.
(you can say a lot with an 'mmmmm')
thats why a lot of 'cons' work.
people are presented with something that the mind doesnt know about yet,
but they dont have the process to reason their way out of it
so they go along with it, even though the gut says no.

but isnt this just locating where ones instincts/intuition is?

i thought remote viewing was about having images appear in the mind
which relate to the subject being viewed?

that said, i know very little about it.


12th July 2012, 09:24
Trouble is, in a highly controlled society, Commonsense gets manipulated into Common Purpose.

12th July 2012, 12:56
That's mostly correct, it's innate ability . Use LOOK-SEE METHOD .

Do you have to 'train' your eyes to see to distance ? Not really, I mean a little bit . All you can train is your mental ability of recognising various sorts of objects and phenomena and how to describe them with better accuracy , acuity of your sight will vary with weather and other atmospheric conditions, your sight of course can degrade or upgrade according to how you use your eyes .

The only thing you can actually DO about it is removing various sorts of mental fog , states that are not conducive to seeing , obstructions in short .

Once those subside ..there's actually nothing to prevent anyone from Looking and Seeing.

The only problem with most people seems to be that they were told in early age that they 'can't do that' .

If you ask average young kid about anything from ''what is Dad doing'' to ''how is the weather in Paris now'' , in playful mode, he or she will have some kind of answer .

It may not be the 'correct answer' all the time but at least, the child is not afraid to LOOK.

Whereas most adults, due to their organised upbringing think that they can not DO that .

SEEing something more accurately has to do with healthy reasoning and ignoring what you are 'programmed ' to see or not .

And in most cases ...it's also willingness even to LOOK . Because it takes mental effort and can't be overdone, overstrained .

When your MIND is in balance , you can actually sit on the top of remote mountain and SEE many things in distance quite clearly and accurately, even for short time, with no effort and sometimes more in one direction without difficulty . It's an old time experience .