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12th August 2010, 11:42
You can see your aura with this machine.


12th August 2010, 11:49

Peace of Mind
12th August 2010, 16:17
I have learned to do this and read minds by glancing into the soul (eyes) of others. It’s been quite an exercise over the years but I’ve been getting very good at it. I can also pick up peoples vibes easily; see faint weird looking colors and white noise everywhere. This practice has made my life very easy, it gives be the ability to understand the real intentions of individuals no matter what they fix their mouths to say… and I’m sure it’s not something only I can do....I've just enhanced these abilities in myself, along with other things as well....


Lost Soul
12th August 2010, 23:49
Clear up the piniel gland in your head and you'll see auras.

I'm working on it.

13th August 2010, 06:47
You can see your aura with this machine.

I can see the aura…, last year a friend of mine got an ‘aura machine’ and asked me to check it out… I can tell you that the colors showed on the computer screen were not even close to the real colors of the aura of any of the 5 people we tested…

13th August 2010, 22:01
Well, ... that is curious...:confused:

Let's hope they come up with a better machine...in the mean while......................... we won't be out of «work» ! Ehehheheh! :)