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15th July 2012, 10:50
Besides burning biomass, which is FREE, these stoves also can be used with solid fuel like Esbit, hexamine and or alcohol.

I have been looking into these stoves for a while now, i recently finally got my biolite stove, but it is a bit bulky in my pack and it only burns biomass, biomass fuel is great but not when you are indoors and how much wood can one stack up in an apartment eh?

So here are the four foldable stoves that caught my attention and no this is not a commercial from my part, tghey are great for camping and as emergency stoves just in case the power goes down in a scenario nobody wants to experience.

You can build each and every one of these yourself for cheap or decide not to invent the wheel again and look into one of these stoves( unless you come up with a far better wheel that is)

So the four stoves i checked out and they seemed to be working pretty well are:

1. THE FIREBOX http://foldingfirebox.com/

2. THE EMBERLIT http://www.emberlit.com/

3. VARGO HEXAGON http://vargooutdoors.com/

4. THE HONEY STOVE http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/product397.asp

1. THE FIREBOX, one of the heavier ones but very sturdy and it comes in a flat pack, a few different options are sold as well, all the same model stove but with extra`s.

Some video`s below




and lots more videos on the web.




lots more video`s on the web.




The Honeystove.




If you can find any other great multifuel flat packing stoves feel free to post them in the thread, thank you in advance for this.



15th July 2012, 11:16
Top find and resources Plummer.
You're a wiz Thank you :wizard:

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14th October 2012, 11:06
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14th October 2012, 11:26
Thank you plumber.

I have been looking for a solid fuel stove for my caravan recently. I came across the rocket stove mass heater. Too much weight for my caravan but great idea for a house. there are a few video's on the page. http://www.richsoil.com/rocket-stove-mass-heater.jsp

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14th October 2012, 12:20
BioLite Camp Stove for $129 (http://biolitestove.com/campstove/camp-overview/features/). No batteries and it also powers up gadgets like phone and iPad. The guy does a nice job demonstrating how it works.