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13th August 2010, 13:17
Who needs enemys aye


Lost Soul
14th August 2010, 14:07
I always thought that if we wanted to stop the Red Army (back in the Soviet Union days), all we had to do would be to stock warehouses with hard liquor and retreat. Give them enough time to find it and they'll stop themselves. Then we waltz in, disarm them while their helplessly drunk and send them home weaponless.

While the Soviet government is gone, the same basic problems still exist in the Russian people. Hazing is a terrible ritual all new soldiers undergo. Older privates beat the younger privates. Corporals and sergeants beat the older privates. Jr. officers beat the non-coms. Sr. officers beat the jr. officers. It's literally like being in a gang. While the Russians may want to change things, institutionalized practices are hard to stop.