View Full Version : Creating something new as the moon gets full.

15th August 2010, 04:11
As I prepare for beginning my life over again I have realized that the moon is getting full. Now I know absolutely nothing about astrology except there is something to it.

So all you astrologers out there, what is the significance of buiding something new as the moon gets full? Or is there any?

My departure date is on the full moon. I am heading northwest and camping for awhile.

Elandiel BernElve
16th August 2010, 10:19
Well there's a lot of important astro stuff to learn about the moon.
My mother used to read the finds of the german Saint(ess) Hildegard who received lots of visions about science, the universe and the human body.
She wrote it down and kept it secret for the church would burn her if they'd know about it. All the original latin pieces, hundreds of them are translated into different languages now, mainly german.

It's very interesting how she describes events and knowledge we find about just now in the words of medieval times.

One of the things she says is when couples want to make love to create a life, they should do that when the moon gets full. The astrological energy of a moon getting full stands for blooming, growing and positive life. When a child is made in a night when the moon is "emptying"(don't know the english word for it) this will have a negative impact on the new child because each night the energy emitting from the moon is lowered. It's not that simple in a way that the moon emits more energy when full. There's a more thourough and mystical reason behind it.
Cycles we have forgotten, rituals that are lost in time.

Anyway, a moon getting full is always a sign of progress, of new more positive energy and the potential to expand life and concsiousness.
i could use more and more words but it's so simple actually...

From dark to light, is always good