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Victoria Tintagel
15th August 2010, 08:48
Hi All, here's a short announcement of the channeled message of august that has been posted on the Lightworker website www.lightworker.com The text is not available yet, but the video's are there, for those that are interested.
Also, there's an Evolution Center created, online, for working on certain issues, like releasing Seed Fear. This is explained in the appropriate page on the site, just have a look, if you feel invited.

Virtual Light #6 Beacons of Light - August 2010

The Beacons of Light~ Reminders from Home

~ The Secret of the Expanding Universe ~

Using harmonic Resonance

From Steve

This month the group spoke of the expanding universe. We have recently discovered that the universe is not acting in a normal way. If the big bang theory is correct then the stars moving away from each other should be slowing down. It was recently discovered that they are in fact speeding up. The group addressed all of that in this channel and put into context of what they say is happening to our universe as a result of Earth’s expansion.

They also brought it down to a personal level and spoke of what we would be doing in the near future with our energetic bodies. The next leg of our work will be about focusing on Expansion through Harmonic Resonance. They want this out as soon as I can get it into a class so watch for an online course soon. They gave several illustrations in the channel but basically it is what happens to many people when they leave their bodies. They return to their native energetic form and it is huge and ever expanding as they become one with the universe. That will happen to each of us as we learn to us use the new tools of expansion through harmonic resonance. We will learn to walk in that energy all the time.

The group told me two days before about the topic and I was very nervous about it as some of these concepts are very difficult to translate in to human terms. But I think I did pretty well but the group got a little flustered when they asked me to use my hands to illustrate a fifth dimensional motion that does not fully exist in our dimension. Even though I was talking trying to explain what they were trying to illustrate we were all laughing inside.

As always it was full of that special love from the group.

Have a great month!

Steve Rother

The Beacons of Light Re-minders form Home for August 2010 is:

Secret of the Expanding Universe ~ Using Harmonic Resonance