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15th August 2010, 15:53
Since yesterday,i have been feeling the vibrational field has been amplified big time somehow,i dont know how to put it in words,but i wanted to ask for those of you who do meditate daily like i do,i am fortunate that there is a huge park 3 minutes away from where i live and i go there to meditate under a tree with the sunlight bathing me,seems that whole talk about august 14th and 15th has some truth in it,because i havent felt the energies and vibrations to be high like this before,thats some great news,anyone else feeling this?I am using all the tools i can i want to spread that energy everywhere across the globe to every single person!!!

15th August 2010, 16:03
Very cool Arpheus! More hugs for you you!!! :hug:
Maybe it could have something to do with the planets too?

Uranus moved into Pisces yesterday...
Uranus, the planet of change and independence... Uranus wants to free you from the past, from old muddled attitudes of mind especially where relationships are concerned.

Uranus in Pisces is an odd combination of energies since Uranus is essentially a sky planet and Pisces is a watery one. On the positive side, it can bring revelations and new insights into creativity, spiritual beliefs and psychology. It wants you to dig deeper for answers, to go into the core of your being and shed a little light on what had been hidden from view. So it can promote inner growth and understanding, and can bring stronger intuitive abilities. At best, it helps us bring together intellect and emotions, gives depth to ideas at the same time as brings a sense of perspective to feelings.

Enjoy the vibes!
And thanks for sending them to all of us!!

With Love! :love:

15th August 2010, 16:41
Hah i love you illuminate i get the same astrology.com newsletter in emails on a daily basis,thank you for the reminder and many hugs to you my dear!!