View Full Version : Pasadena Triangle, California-Aaron McCollum-Some people are leaving the state ? why?

THE eXchanger
25th March 2010, 13:13

THE eXchanger
25th March 2010, 13:14

THE eXchanger
25th March 2010, 13:22

Daft Ada
25th March 2010, 15:48
Hi Exchanger, for those of us that don't have Facebook accounts, is there any chance you could insert the video part 2 like the one above please.

THE eXchanger
25th March 2010, 16:22

Daft Ada
25th March 2010, 16:40
Thank you :tea:

Edit:- Very interesting couple of vids, thanks. The audio cut out on the second one just before the end, but I don't think anything important was missed

25th March 2010, 16:58
Mmmh Pasadena,... made me think of this.....

Theosophical Society, International Headquarters, Pasadena, California. The Society was founded in 1875 in an effort to promote the expressed awareness of the Oneness of Life.

Source: http://www.theosociety.org/

Paul Roland - Alister Crowley