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15th August 2010, 23:13
(Dr Kelly was the source of BBC's information that the Iraq "dossier" was a "Sexed up" war propogada.)


The official verdict that Dr David Kelly committed suicide has been overwhelmingly rejected by the public.

According to an exclusive Mail opinion poll, only one in five people accepts the Hutton Inquiry’s finding that the government weapons inspector took his own life.

The survey also reveals that eight out of ten people want a full inquest. With senior MPs making the same demand, the Coalition is under strong pressure to act.

It comes as a medical report says it was ‘impossible’ that Dr Kelly bled to death in the way described by the inquiry.

The study, whose authors include vascular and trauma surgeons, deals with the Hutton report’s finding that Dr Kelly died from loss of blood after cutting a small artery in his wrist.

The doctors say that, based on Dr Kelly’s weight and size, he would have had to lose 2,700ml of blood to threaten his life.

Their report, which has been submitted to Attorney General Dominic Grieve, says: ‘It was impossible for 2,700ml of blood to have been lost through this small artery. ‘Indeed, to lose 500ml through it would have been unlikely.’

Last week a separate group of nine doctors wrote an open letter to the Government saying they did not believe Dr Kelly died from loss of blood. Mr Grieve says he remains ‘ concerned’ by the case and is reviewing the papers.

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke is considering a separate request to release Dr Kelly’s medical files, which are due to be kept secret for 70 years on the instructions of Lord Hutton.

17th August 2010, 01:50

A close relative of Dr David Kelly broke the family's silence yesterday to voice fears that he was murdered.

Wendy Wearmouth said she found it 'incredibly unlikely' that he committed suicide and suggested he was assassinated.

She said that committing suicide would have been 'totally against his whole way of being'.

Calls for an inquest: The late Dr David Kelly and his cousin Wendy Wearmouth

The 62-year-old spoke out as Dr Kelly's death was further shrouded in mystery - when one doctor claimed to have read the post-mortem report despite it having been kept classified after the weapons inspector's death.

Miss Wearmouth is Dr Kelly's first cousin and the only member of his family to speak publicly since renewed speculation about the circumstances his death.

She said: 'From the day I heard he'd died I had an instinct that there was something very unusual about it and I don't believe the official explanation.


*schwing* goes the sword of truth...