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16th August 2010, 17:29
So I personally am a soon to be graduate of university education and have been presented with the non-sugar coated reality that integrating capitalism and art is far fetched.

I have attempted to contact an anthropologist and ask the potentiality of being able to travel to indigenous cultures with a research group and record song, dance, linguistics, and ceremony.

Granted the logistical nature and investments would be an intense moment of preparation for this idea.

Also, research grant money has probably, for the most part, dissipated.

Does anyone here have a background in Anthropology and or think this idea would be at all possible. Granted, it has already been done before, though I don't think that this would negate the possibility to use an alternate form of documentation in order to aid in research.

Disenchantment brings me to this place and I am ready to jump of the cliff into the unknown.

Just an idea....I appreciate your thoughts on the matter....I suppose it's a relatively intense and serious question I am proposing for myself in the attempt to make this dream a reality.

frank samuel
16th August 2010, 17:53
Decibellistic first of all I wanted to congratulate you on your graduation. I don't have much advise outside of just saying follow your heart as I feel you are better qualify than most 21 year old to prioritize the things which are important in your internal growth and development. There's a fine line between ideals and living a joyful and fulfilling life. Balance is a must, you obviously have a good head on your shoulders . May you realize all your dreams and aspirations and may your heart and internal essence guide you always.

Many many blessings to you.:thumb:

16th August 2010, 18:52
Thanks Frank, wooosh! :)

16th August 2010, 20:06
If I were you, I would seek group that matches your desired "profile" the most and then join in via existing student's interchange programs. Simply put- you have no chance against academic grant seeking system (it has nothing to do with capitalism, au contraire).
On the other hand, there are ways to seek what you want outside academic system - like say, being a book author or something. There are research teams neded for tv companies sometimes etc. But that needs some initial capital, so hybrid approach might be best option: establish contacts, learn customs on "academic" mission, then use them working on your own.

Still, way I see it, you can always do lil magick for yourself :) It's good to ask what you are really want to accomplish. From what I understand your goals are pretty much open-ended at this stage, which is perfectly ok .. haven't set mine till I reached 26, so I can only commend on your far-sightness :)

16th August 2010, 23:58
I hope this isnt derailing the thread. I want to take a big step in a metaphysical direction and write about some stuff that has been brewing as a message for a few weeks.

In the context of your thread topic title, there is no “attempt” to create your reality – you do it from moment to moment. It can be no other way! After all, there is you, and there is everything else. The everything else is your reality. (Twisted little concept, just for starters!)

It is likely that at the moment are going along with a manipulated flow, and from your birth to the current moment, you, as we all have been assailed by those who do not want us to know our light and the light and the love of the one infinite creator and our creative powers. The "flow" of reality in our local space/time has been damned, diverted, channelled and directed by naughty beings that do not have the best interest of you, me, the others or anything other than themselves at heart.

However, they cannot control your freedom of choice, nor change your power to create, and make fundamental changes. At best they can trick you into doing things they way they want. They can dull the idea that you can even make a choice. Through forums like this, you encounter the idea that you need not be bound by those old rules and systems, but you can strike out on your own.

With the premise that you here express a desire to “creating my reality” let me put here a summary of the four basic principles of how this works according to my current understanding.

Four Laws, or principles are involved: Intent, Attraction, Allowance, Balance: These four things are useful ways to assimilate the basic idea of how you can work the manifestation magic.

Before I write more I want about that I want to make a background disclaimer. This is my CURRENT understanding, backed up by personal experience. I first found out about it from reading the Handbook for the new Paradigm (HNP). That is where some of my terminology and idea structure comes from. Additionally, my frame of reference is heavily influenced by the Law Of One (The RA Material), the resonance I find in a majority of the channellings done by LLresearch and from a significant input from my own higher self. I cannot claim to be a master of this, my knowledge is not complete, and I may have some of it wrong. All I can say is that I have had powerful results and it all seems to work, if you are prepared to allow it. Please use your personal discernment with this information.


Intent is placing your “order”, the instructions to the great fabrication engine of the universe.

It starts by forming and holding your intent. Envision and feel the reality you want. The handbook for the new paradigm created a new word for this, “enfeel”. In your inner wording, choose the present tense, the now, as if it had already happened and come to pass. Imagination and visualization skills cultivated in meditation are necessary. We all have these in the necessary measures and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Personally, I would recommend do this every day during meditation - that is what works for me.


At this moment you have set in motion a creative template, which start the “wheels” of the universes creative forces in motion. The infinite intelligence of the one infinite creator of which we are all a part, will now co-ordinate the process of moulding the plastic reality in which you have your being and experience, it will fill in the gaps, according to your intent and the contextual archetypes of your experience. The mechanism being the law of attraction where the fabric of reality is attracted to the form of your creative thought.


The process is not instant. Depending on your state of consciousness, your density, your distortions, time will need to pass. During this time you need to keep enfeeling your vision.

The idea of allowance is letting go and allowing the mechanics of the universe to get on with their job.


Order and balance in our co-created reality will be maintained, so you need to be careful what you wish for! It was a suggestion I read in the Handbook and one I always use to couch your creative intent with the caveat “…. for the highest and best good of all”. If you are tuning your intent with the guidance of the heart, your intent will rarely be attenuated by this caveat, because your intent will be in harmony with the divine flow of the universe, and not the remnants of the locally perverted flow that we are here today on our host planet to wipe away.

You are not alone. You are accompanied by beings on a higher realm that will help you unconditionally, but you need to ask. I recommend you ask for help with the process, as I asked for help in writing this reply.

Meditation is a key precursor to developing that relationship – as it is for cultivating the link between you and your higher self (which will really help you along, and also help you work out what it is that you actually should be creating in the first place …)


PS: For a few days I have wanted to post a summary to this forum like the one above. Thankyour for this catalytic thread which finally made me get of my arse and write it!

17th August 2010, 01:59
Therein lies the faultiness of my use of language....lol.

Thanks John...I agree and these things are in place.

19th August 2010, 01:42
Wanted to congratulate you as well, Decibellistics! :)