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16th August 2010, 18:10
Hi Everybody,

It seems that Kevin Trudeau is in a bit of a squeeze.

He is the author of several polemical books about weight loss and cancer cures. It seems that Uncle Sam is wanting to put him in prison for misleading the public over content he published in his books and is wanting to ban him from radio and TV.

So here's the meaty part.

As Trudeau explains in his e-mail, which I will supply at the end of this post, he has sold more than 5 million copies of his reduce weight book, not bad. For those of you who wish to be part of his exclusive inside information club it will also cost a pretty penny - it's not cheap. So on paper it seems that he can look after himself pretty well, I think I remember once that he claimed he is a millionaire.

This brings me to the theor of his e-mail. He is wanting donations, no matter how small, to his legal fund to fight his case which apparently has no date, as none was given, when he must appear in court.

So there are obvious questions that are screaming to be asked.

If he sold so many books and has his exclusive club and videos etc. why does he need donations to fight a legal case that he knew was going to happen?

Does he really need to fund a legal case or is he just touting for money?

Is he wealthy as he appears to be, or is it all just a show on his part?

This now leads me to this thought. On the internet we all, and I include myself in this as I sell my books on the net also, have a certain image. But how much of this image is a lie? It all comes so very confusing when people like KT seem to have a high rolling lifestyle as he would have us beleive, then out of the blue is sending his mailing list, basically only what could be called a begging letter. Does that make sense?

So don't beleive everything that comes on the net. It seems that the persona on the net, many times is different than the flesh and blood behind that persona.


As I write this, the government has a huge team working full-time to get me in jail! I believe the government wants to ban my books, stop the radio show, and get me banned for life from TV, radio and the internet. The government knows that millions listen to the information I share. They want me stopped from revealing the truth about government and corporate corruption. They do not want you to know the truth about non-drug and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease. They do not want you to know how the government, media, and corporations are controlling you in all aspects of your life. I need your support.

Please help me fight. Please support my legal defense fund.

I will be on trial soon fighting for my freedom. The legal costs have been in the millions. This new trial will probably cost me another million or more! Please click here to make a donation of any amount to my legal defense fund.

Remember what this case is about. I wrote the Weight Loss Cure book. I quoted it on TV. Over 5 million people bought the book. The government says I misrepresented the contents of the book yet no one complained to the FTC! There are no "victims". The people who bought the book overwhelmingly said they loved the book! People thank me for writing and selling the book! This case is smoke and mirrors. The government wants me in jail for writing the book and quoting it on TV. And they, in effect, fined me 37 million dollars! This is an outrage!

Please support my legal defense fund now. I need your help and support. All your donations go directly to pay for legal expenses. Any amount will help no matter how small. Donate now by clicking here.


Best regards,


16th August 2010, 18:46
I don't know what to make of this Trudeau fellow. I read through parts of his "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About" book at a friend's house, but the information was nothing secret or special; in fact, most of it was common knowledge. In my opinion, he's another businessman who found a comfortable niche in the "natural cures" market.

16th August 2010, 19:26
Hi Steve, in my humble opinion, this man is a scam artist, he is not in the medical field, he is just smart enough to make money off peoples vanity and fears, a winning combination for scam artists.

He has shown his true colors by soliciting his followers for money, he must have run the course on his books and is just looking for easy money. Does not smell good at all.

in love & light :wub:

19th August 2010, 14:19
While his books contain credible information, he does seem to be just a salesman. His commercials on money and finance, with big boobed bimbos sitting beside him, are off putting. I love to look at the good looking women, but what do they have to do with managing money?