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17th August 2010, 12:37
Please pass around ... facebook/my space/twitter .... etc ect ...Thanks again Mr H ;-)

People are waking up!!



17th August 2010, 12:51
Thanks Viking!
Great stuff...
Watching now :)

17th August 2010, 15:25
I'm also watching.

17th August 2010, 15:48
Hello Viking,
That was just ..."EXCELLENT!"... :0)

17th August 2010, 19:47
Yes I enjoyed it ...nice to see Bill doing his bit! ... Just do it and don't worry 'the angels will catch you' ... Excellent...!!


17th August 2010, 21:02
Yes, I loved the video~

Two points though...

1) I wish they hadn't started out with the reptilian info ~ it's off-putting to people who haven't been exposed to that material, and now there are several people I'm not sure I will feel good about sending this to...

2) The volume on all the clips of the fellow with the bullhorn (and in the bookstore) was way too high - and Marcel Messings volume was almost inaudible (should be able to EQ before finalizing the video :)

All in all good stuff. I especially liked the energy and sensibilities of Patricia Cori ~ anyone ever heard of her?
And Bill~ Brilliant reflections...

Thanks again Viking~ Great addition to my day!

17th August 2010, 22:35
Viking Thank-you for this Gem ! I've decided to use it for my Coming Out Party and am sending it to all of my friends and family.
I do agree with Lee about the reptilians being at the beginning, but maybe it will just peak their curiosity.

18th August 2010, 01:37
This was indeed a great video. Time well spent. It was good to hear segments of Bill's Freedom Central interview again.

The Sirian Revelations - Patricia Cori


18th August 2010, 08:07
Another thing I would like to add. Bill's interview with Freedom Central .... that was indeed one of his best interviews.
That's the Bill I would like to see more of.

John Parslow
18th August 2010, 10:20
Many thanks Viking

Brilliant stuff!

Love and peace to you friend. JP:cool:

18th August 2010, 13:20
The Sirian Revelations - Patricia Cori


Thanks Snowbird!